Paul Hart – In Hart We Trust


Only just last week Paul Hart turned pro for Cliche Skateboards. His In Hart We Trust part was premiered in L.A on Thursday night and today it has been released on the Thrasher Magazine website. I can imagine the roof coming off the premiere because the first time I watched it I was blown away, it’s bonkers! Paul takes tricks you probably would expect to see on the smaller sized rails and hubbas but takes them to obstacles which are substantially bigger. Over the intense three minutes some of Paul’s gems are halfcab heelflip down the Santa Monica triple-set, kickflip frontside noseslide the Oceanside hubba and then does fakie backside lipslide and backside noseblunt to fakie down the Hollywood High 16 ! This part is full of jaw droppers and rewind moments, lick play and see for yourself.




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