In Crust We Trust



‘In Crust We Trust’ is a skateboard film by Matt Hunt. It features some of the UK’s finest shredders like Harry While, Jack Richards, Eric Wade, Jake Sparham, Adam Keats, Phoenix Luke, Glen Brooks, Chaz Merryweather, Adam Moss, Joe Robertson, Steve Spencer, Josh Webb, Aaron Jago, Eddie Belvedere, Daryl Holcombe, Josh Rounding and Hypeman Dave Rickard. It is a full length DVD, shot on one of skateboarding’s best toys the Sony VX2100. Mainly based around Cornwall, so yes there are plenty of crusty spots to admire although the guys did adventure so expect footage from all over. We will be playing it throughout the weekend in store and it will also be on sale for only £4.95. If you’re not local then you can purchase it online by hitting the link below…


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