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Austyn Gillette – Quik Raw Edit

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017


A visual treat awaits your viewing pleasure brought to you by the style master himself Austyn Gillette. Doubt you’ll ever see a better switch push than in this ‘Quik Raw’ edit, seriously a thing of beauty. The mind baffles as to how one skater looks so natural skating both ways at speed but then it does take Colin Kennedy taking to the road in his car to film the LA streets onslaught.


Props to the Berrics for sharing this one with the skateboard World and extra cyber praise to Austyn for reinforcing that style really does matter. Now get your eyes engaged below-






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Adidas Skateboarding X Hardies Hardware

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017



In February 2015, Na-Kel Smith and Tyshawn Jones introduced Hardies, a hardware brand that they co-founded. Two years on and a promo video later, they have teamed up with Adidas, their shoe sponsor to release a new capsule. The limited edition collection Hardies capsule offers a new spin on Adidas’ classic silhouettes and was designed to express unity, friendship, community and crew solidarity. Featuring a visually appealing edit, The Hardies video follows Tyshawn Jones and his friends, the Go Hard Boyz – New York City’s infamous dirt bike crew – stunt riding through the streets of the Bronx where Tyshawn grew up. A highlight within the collection is the Adidas Matchcourt X Hardies shoe, featuring a premium, oil nubuck with bold Hardies designed embroidery on the tongue. With it’s navy and bright yellow colour way, the new Matchcourt is strikingly unique to its silhouette. The collection also includes a 6 panel hat, track pants, T-shirt and a crewneck that all feature Adidas and Hardies logos along with that same bold navy and yellow colour scheme. Stock on these will be limited so if you want to own a piece or two from the collection you’ll need to be quick, the collection is dropping in store this week!








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Lewis Threadgold – ‘Hometown Lurking’ Video

Friday, January 27th, 2017




It is a pleasure to share this new Lewis Threadgold ‘Hometown Lurking’ part with you guys. For those that don’t know, Lewis is often located down at Manchester’s Pump-Cage where he tears it up on the regular. But now thanks to this new video we can see him showcasing skills on the rough and rugged spots that the UK has on offer. Spots that may not have been seen before on the many edits that pop up on all kinds of social media. This is a full part, never been seen before and it’s great to have a section from one of the Black Sheep Family members that we can showcase to you all. Enjoy…!



‘One For All’ Raw Footage / Offcuts

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017


A week or two ago, without any notice, Nike SB released Luan Oliveira’s ‘One For All’ part. It followed that up a week later by releasing another ‘One For All’ section which focused on Yuri Facchini and a crew from Brazil. Now Nike have released nine minutes of raw footage and outtakes from the parts. Luan obviously smashes it from the first line onwards, Yuri and the rest do the same. Click play below to see some really bang on skateboarding.



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Brian Anderson – NY Summer Part

Monday, January 23rd, 2017


Despite having clips in numerous videos, the third installment of Nike SB’s Chronicles series among them, its been about ten years since Brian Anderson released a full part. In that time he has changed board sponsors twice, released a pro shoe, became pretty much the first major pro skateboarder to discuss his homosexuality openly and along with that he’s obviously been smashing skating as well. Joey Digital turned his New York footage from last summer into a rad little edit, appropriately called ‘NY Summer’. So give the play button a click below because we all know Brian Anderson footage is always worthwhile.



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Rooks Of Hazzard – New Balance Numeric

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017


New Balance comes thru yet again with a banging visual display of their product in full effect titled Rooks Of Hazzard. This time in the deep south of the U.S featuring a deep squad consisting of Franky Villani, Tyler Surrey, Jack Curtin, Marius Syvanen, Jordan Trahan, Anthony Schultz, Chad Tim Tim, and Levi Brown, check the bennett grind bigspin out! Frankie is MVP for sure.



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Heroin’s Magic Sticky Hand 2 Trailer

Saturday, January 21st, 2017


Grimsby ripper now turned to local Manchester shredder Zach Riley will get his official introduction to the Heroin team in this summers full length release ‘Magic Sticky Hand 2’ . It’s safe to say that Zach’s presence in the skateboard circle has already been felt and if this trailer is anything to go by we should expect too see a lot more from Zach in the not so distant future. Along with Zach, the video will also feature two new recruits Anaiah Lei and Logan Devlin plus full parts from Pat Franklin and Craig Questions. Magic Sticky Hand 2 promises to live up to the raw radness that was its namesake predecessor which is eleven years old this year!  There isn’t a lot more we can say about this just yet but we can tell you one thing, Magic Sticky Hand 2 is going to be one of 2017’s highlights for sure. Keep your eyes peeled for more info in the coming weeks.



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Will Blaty – Welcome Fetish Part

Friday, January 20th, 2017


Welcome and Thrasher Magazine are treating us quite a bit at the moment with these Fetish video parts being released online. Some of the tricks in this one from Will Blaty are mindbogglingly good. We all know that there are no rules in skating, no set trick lists or instruction manuals. That’s what makes what we do so good. Will has an approach to skating like no other. Throw in a heap of street grabs, inverts, early grabs and even some switch and nollie one foots and your onto a winner.



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Ryan Lay – Fetish Part

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


Welcome Skateboards premiered their first full length video ‘Fetish’, the past week, and now the parts have started to pop up on the internet via Thrasher Magazine. The first section comes from Ryan Lay, who ended up on Welcome after getting kicked off Enjoi a few years earlier and then ended up getting a pro board in 2016. Ryan has one of the best nollies in the game along with a deep bag of tricks, this really is one hell of a part with one hellish of an ender.



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Jamie Foy’s “Welcome to Deathwish” Part

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Jamie Foy had one heavy year in 2016.  He was another one of those skaters who released part after part. He also found himself landing a spot on the Diamond Footwear team, won the Am Getting Paid contest and to cap the year off got the official Am nod off Deathwish Skateboards. Now, two weeks after that, Deathwish have dropped his welcome part which is basically three minutes of handrail destruction. If he isn’t one of your fave skaters yet you might want to make room on your list. Jamie is an absolute beast, no handrail or spot for that matter is safe when he rolls into town. His skating is raw and to the point, so lets give a big round of applause for the newest member of the Deathwish family.



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