Jim Greco ‘Year 13’


Jim Greco follows up from last years ‘The Way Out’ with a new skate film called Year 13 and once again has created something that stands out. Jim is one of skateboarding’s most captivating characters. The early noughties saw his rock and roll excess lifestyle reach levels that would see off the average human. His ability to get himself in the most hazardous of situations, on and off his board, are legendary. Now, with thirteen years of sobriety under his belt, numerous style changes, successful companies like Deathwish, Hammers USA, Supra and Baker Boys distribution, Greco is counting down to turning forty but still prevails to be considered one of skateboarding’s greats and is still dropping the hammers like the years gone by. Featuring appearances from Jeremy Klein, Danny Sargent, Jason Lee and Chris Pastras, all captured by the legendary lens of Tobin Yelland and Joey Sinko is what skateboard legend is made of. Though the booze, drugs and Johnny Thunders outfits may have disappeared the craving and aspiration to skate still remains.



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