Vans Park Series Vancouver Highlights


Vans returned to the legendary Hastings Park in Vancouver, Canada for the 4th stop of the 2017 Vans Park Series. Every contest in this series seems to get better and better, and by the footage from this year Canada was no exception. This was Pedro Barros first contest on Canadian soil, and he didn’t disappoint the large gathering of skate fans of Vancouver. The skating was next level to say the least, and everyone was putting together video part tricks in their runs, but at the end it was Tom Schaar 3rd, Karl Berglind 2nd, and Pedro Barros 1st, claiming his second win of 2017. Click play below to see some of the gnarliest park skating your ever likely to see and a winning run that is absolutely bonkers.


Featuring Ivan Federico, CJ Collins, Chris Russell, Adam Hopkins, Patrick Ryan, Alex Sorgente, Ronnie Sandoval, Josh Borden, Murilo Peres, Vinicius Kakinho, Curren Caples, Jack Fardell, Willy Lara, Kevin Kowalski, Trey Wood, Keegan Palmer, Robin Bolian, Cory Juneau, Tom Schaar, Karl Berglind and Pedro Barros.



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