Louie Lopez’s “West End” Part For Thrasher

Louie Lopez’s “West End” Part For Thrasher.


Everyone’s saying it but holy hell what a time to put out a part like this with the looming coveted Thrasher ‘Skater Of The Year’ title up for grabs. Louie Lopez was already well on target for achieving the peoples vote with a serious amount of footage throughout 2017 for sponsors Flip Skateboards, Converse Cons, Volcom etc etc… but pretty sure Ladbrookes wouldn’t give you good odds now after the below “West End” part for Thrasher Magazine.


We’ve been a big fan of Louie Lopez watching him grow up under the talent spotting Flip Skateboards and to see how he’s developed a faultless style along with taking skating to the next mental control level yet keeping it looking so effortlessly.



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