Palace Skateboards present ‘Palasonic’ – 7 Years Worth of Grainy London Glory



The highly anticipated Palace Skateboards video, ‘Palasonic’ has finally been unleashed in all of its grainy VHS glory!


‘Palasonic’ is the product of seven years worth of tape logging in the London streets from Lev Tanju and the PWBC. Filmed entirely throughout the nations capital, the video features Rory Milanes, Chewy Cannon, Lucien Clarke, Lucas Puig, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfaix, Rory Milanes, Karim Bakhtaoui, Blondey McCoy, Charlie Young, Olly Todd, Torey Goodall and even that crustacean smashing miscreant, Shawn Powers.


Even the biggest fashion-bashing enthusiasts will struggle to knock the triangle at this point. Considering the recent opening of Mwadlands, a free indoor park in London, for the winter, it’s also worth noting that amongst opening shops in London and New York and soaring into streetwear royalty – Palace’s productivity hasn’t slacked and company has showcased at least one annual video release (including Endless Bummer, Paramount and V-Nice over the last three years) in the the build up to ‘Panasonic’.


Set aside forty minutes, sit back and feel the cold of the London streets before basking in the warmth of Lucien’s Victoria Benches nostalgia… Big up the Waywards on delivering on the hype and getting Gully Flared.


Grab yourself a new Palace plank by clicking here.


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