Palace Skateboards – MWADLANDS RAW

Palace Skateboards – MWADLANDS RAW featuring Lucien Clarke, Jamal Smith, Geoff Rowley and Tom Penny.



As the lease for their temporary indoor park comes to close, Palace Skateboards have released a two minutes of raw footage captured before the doors of MWADLANDS opened to the public back in October.


While most of the Wayward Boys sit back and watch UK legend Geoff Rowley take a trip down memory lane (a OG Radlands head himself) Lucien Clarke gets in the mix popping pristine nollie cabs over that cliff face of a hip as Jamal Smith takes himself for a spin around Peckham’s wooden playground.


Despite Palace’s fashionable notoriety their service to the London skateboarding community, by opening MWADLANDS to see the city’s skateboarders through the winter, is a testament to their position as one of the most legit brands around. We highly recommend picking up the latest copy of Free Skate Mag for an in-depth interview with Palace head honcho, Lev Tanju, discussing the history of Palace from his days slinging product at the Southbank Undercroft and handling the brand on the side to the current triangular monolith it is now.


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