Til Death – Nyjah Huston for Nike SB


Til Death – Nyjah Huston for Nike SB





Well here it is! Nyjah Huston just changed the skateboarding game with this one. No matter what your thoughts are on young Nyjah you can’t deny his progressive ability on a skateboard.


As expected Nyjah goes all out assault mode for his latest Nike Sb ‘Til Death’ edit. Witness below for next level handrail skating that will inspire the Nyjah kids fan club to be emulating for years to come. Production levels as you’d imagine from Ty Evans, ‘epic’ movie type feel along with multi angles to let the madness sink in.


If you hadn’t heard this video release coincides with his Nyjah’s first shoe release from Nike Sb. Link below for more info on the re-vamped ‘Nike Free’ silhouette.

Expect more colour-ways dropping in the foreseeable and no doubt more crazy antics from long term Element Professional Nyjah Huston.


Fair play Nyjah, you certainly earn’t the Nike Sb paycheck on this one. Hats off to you!




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