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Helena Long – Sidewalk Sidelines

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Helena Long

Sidewalk Sidelines – Helena Long


Cool little documentary on UK skater Helena Long. Helena has been a key figure on the UK female skate scene for some time now. She was skating before the recent boom in popularity and coverage of women in skateboarding. Well known to be a super nice person Helena keeps it real, just good vibes, good skating as well as making time for playing the drums. Worth a watch!


And for all the ladies out there we are working on growing our selection of women’s shoes. We have the Lizzie Armanto, Nora Vasconcellous shoe as well as a bunch of women’s nikes, check it outttt:



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Vans TNT Advanced Prototype GIANTS Colorway

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

 tnt giants

Tony Trujillo TNT x GIANTS tnt Giants


Tony Trujillo’s shoe, the TNT Advance Prototype was released 14th July in 4 colorways check the previous blog post for more information on the TNT. But to summarize, the TNT Advance Prototype is a very good skate shoe brought to you by a very good skater.


Tony Trujillo is a big time Giants fan and a proud California local. So this shoe is bringing together baseball and skateboarding, not your every day collaboration. This colorway is getting released on Saturday 28th July. To celebrate, Tony will be at San Francisco’s local baseball grounds AT&T Park this Saturday. Here the Giants will play the Milwaukee Brewers and everyone will be celebrating this unlikely partnership.


The Vans TNT x Giants shoes will be available online and in store this Saturday. These are super limited edition with only a handful of skate shops given the OK to stock these bad boys. So if you want them don’t hesitate, you’ll be able to buy them online here:



…………………………………………..img_5615     img_5616



………………………………TNT GIANTS Advance prototype    tnt giants tony trujillo



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Sidewalk Interview with Harry – 10 Years of Black Sheep

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

10 years black sheep

Sidewalk Interview with Harry 10 years black sheep


We just wanted to share this Sidewalk article with you. Ben Powell has kindly shared the good news about Black Sheep’s 10 year anniversary, as well as our celebratory Enjoi collab. As part of this milestone Ben has put out a quick interview with the man behind it all. Black Sheep boss man Paul Harrison, or as he’s much more commonly know as, Harry.


Not much more to say other than check out the interview on Sidewalk here:


A massive shout out to Ben Powell and Sidewalk for this, much love guys!


10 years black sheep


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Jiri Bulin’s ‘Lost Part’ Courtesy of Isaac Wilkinson

Friday, July 20th, 2018

jiri bulin

Jiri Bulin’s ‘Lost Part’



We are very please to share this special edit of Jiri (George) Bulin. What makes it special? Firstly, it is brought to you by two of our own Black Sheep family members Jiri and Isaac. This pair have a pretty cute history in skateboarding, this unlikely duo were more like brothers than skate companions. Before Isaac moved to London to peruse his filming these two spent so much time out skating and filming on the streets of Manchester you’d be surprised if you caught one of them without the other.


Secondly, this footage was collected over two years, from 2014-2016 to be precise. Not only that but the footage is from a bunch of different counties and cities. Hong Kong, Prague, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and London to name a few. Isaac had realized early on that much of Jiri’s footage was still yet to be used so he put them all in a this edit. However, he managed to totally forget about it… until now. Better late than never anyway.


I strongly recommend you watch this edit, not just to see the power house that is Jiri Bullin on a skateboard but Issac’s filming and editing talents that made him such an asset to the Black Sheep family.


Watch the edit here:



See more from Isaac via his blog:

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Enjoi x Black Sheep Decks – Celebrating 10 Years of Blacksheep

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

enjoi x black sheep

Enjoi x Black Sheep Decks – 10 Year Anniversary Celebration


Huge thanks to Enjoi for helping us celebrate 10 years of Black Sheep with this limited edition deck release. It’s not just a celebration of us being around for a decade but its also celebrating our partnership with Enjoi. And we are stoked to be announcing this collab.



enjoi x black sheep 10 years deck          enjoi x black-sheep-10-year-deck-crop          enjoi-x-black-sheep-10-year-deck-crop


On top of the union jack graphic the iconic Enjoi panda and our classic Black Sheep logo have been married in true Enjoi style. This is a strictly one time limited release with deck size 8″ 8.25″ and 8.5″ available in small numbers. These boards are to be released 21st July. So see the link below to own some Manchester Skateboarding history:


To further celebrate this release we have edits from Black Sheep shop rider and Enjoi team rider Seb Batty. This edit is filmed by Black Sheep Family member Isaac Wilkinson along with Nick Richards. Much love to Seb, Isaac and Nick for bringing us this footage:




So, this marks our second celebration of 2018! The first of which being the Element x Black Sheep deck release. It’s an exciting time for us here at Black Sheep. We are grateful for the years of support from everyone. Here’s to another 10 years!


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One Star World Tour 2018 – Converse CONS Skate Tour

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

One Star World Tour 2018

One Star World Tour 2018



The new Converse video is here! The boys travelled far for this one. I mean not quite a world tour but they did mission through Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, France and our ends, England. A mixture of skaters on this trip, show casing some less well known members of the Converse team. But, of course the quality of skating is still sky high. Shout out to James Cruickshank who filmed and edited this video. Apparently this features a few clips that didn’t quite make it into the last major edit Purple. So go check out the video down below.


You can shop Converse here:


Edit Features: Juan Virues, Felipe Bartolome, Ryan Townley, Dane Barker, Shane Farber, Kaue Cossa, Remy Taveira, Max Taylor, Paul Grund and Bobby De Keyzer


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Friday, July 13th, 2018

 indecent exposure




Some more proper lovely filming from Sirus F Gahan. He recently brought us Bridget with Vans Europe and Grey Mag. This time he’s with the HUF UK guys in London. Sirus spent 6 days with the team: Will Creswick, Francis Peters, Tristan Rudman, Tom Delion, Mike Clarkson, Jason Lewer, Joel Banner, Jimmy Silver, Caradog Emanuel, Joe Roberts, Casey Brown and Daniel Hill. The filming is even more dreamy in this edit. Shout out to Vauge Mag for presenting this video. Check it out:




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Lance Mountain and Nike SB – The New Video and Shoes

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Nike SB Southwest Trip – Lance Mountain Range



This edit was filmed through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The team all testing out the new range of Nike SB skate shoes. This video features Hjalte Halberg, Cyrus Bennett, Oskar Rozenberg, Hugo Boserup, Max Palmer, Ville Wester and the man himself Lance Mountain. A power edit by a power team. Filmed and edited by Tor Ström. Check it out:



The new shoes and apparel from Nike SB are designed by Lance Mountain, under the By Lance Collection. The outcome is a fresh new take on the classic blazers, as well as some jerseys and jumpers, all of which are pretty different for Nike. The range has just come into the store and you can shop it here:


Nike SB Lance MounainNike SB lance moutain

Nike SB Lance Mountainnike sb lance mountainlance mountain nike sb


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Adidas Skateboarding World Cup Jersey’s – It’s Coming Home

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Adidas Skateboarding World Cup


Have you heard? It’s coming home….


You can’t escape the football at the moment and to be honest why would you want to? Whether you care about football or not it’s a good excuse to get together in this glorious British summer time. In the spirit of celebrating the World Cup we still have some Adidas Skateboarding x World Cup jerseys available. We have footy shirts from Adidas riders: Rodrigo, Silvas, Johnson, Daewon, Blondey and even goal keeper jerseys from Nakel and Tyshawn. Many of these shirts are featuring artwork courtesy of the Gonz. And who knows maybe England won’t win so don’t waste your money on an England shirt. Keep it real, skaters are athletes too.


You can shop the Adidas Skateboarding Jersey’s here:


Or just put “World Cup” into the search bar on our website.



adidas skateboarding world cup     adidas-skateboarding-world-cup-johnson-spain-jersey-shirt-black-white-solid-grey     adidas-skateboarding-world-cup-silvas-germany-jersey-shirt-black-white-clear-blue-scarlet


adidas-tx-1     adidas-tysawn     adidas-blondey-1


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Natural Born Cooler – A Vans Europe Skate Video

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Natural Born Cooler – Vans



It’s here. The new video from Vans Europe Natural Born Cooler is finally gracing the internet. Back in 2016 Chris Pfanner got approached by Vans Europe to organize a skate trip with some of the European team riders. The boys hit Alicante, Vienna, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Sicily for this. And it’s a gooden’. Some mind blowing skateboarding going down in this video, so certainly worth 18 minutes of your sweet time.



Big shout out to Paul Labadie for bringing us the video along with Sebastien Raban on additional filming. Albert Nyberg and Nassim Guammaz sort of steal the show for me. This was Alberts first trip out with the Vans Europe team and he killed it!



Much love to Free Skate Mag for the collaboration between them and Natural Born Cooler. With the latest issue including a zine from the trip. Not much more left to say, go watch for yourself down below.



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And don’t forget we have limited edition Vans TNT Prototype dropping soon…



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