Adidas Skateboarding World Cup Jersey’s – It’s Coming Home

Adidas Skateboarding World Cup


Have you heard? It’s coming home….


You can’t escape the football at the moment and to be honest why would you want to? Whether you care about football or not it’s a good excuse to get together in this glorious British summer time. In the spirit of celebrating the World Cup we still have some Adidas Skateboarding x World Cup jerseys available. We have footy shirts from Adidas riders: Rodrigo, Silvas, Johnson, Daewon, Blondey and even goal keeper jerseys from Nakel and Tyshawn. Many of these shirts are featuring artwork courtesy of the Gonz. And who knows maybe England won’t win so don’t waste your money on an England shirt. Keep it real, skaters are athletes too.


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adidas skateboarding world cup     adidas-skateboarding-world-cup-johnson-spain-jersey-shirt-black-white-solid-grey     adidas-skateboarding-world-cup-silvas-germany-jersey-shirt-black-white-clear-blue-scarlet


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