One Star World Tour 2018 – Converse CONS Skate Tour

One Star World Tour 2018

One Star World Tour 2018



The new Converse video is here! The boys travelled far for this one. I mean not quite a world tour but they did mission through Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, France and our ends, England. A mixture of skaters on this trip, show casing some less well known members of the Converse team. But, of course the quality of skating is still sky high. Shout out to James Cruickshank who filmed and edited this video. Apparently this features a few clips that didn’t quite make it into the last major edit Purple. So go check out the video down below.


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Edit Features: Juan Virues, Felipe Bartolome, Ryan Townley, Dane Barker, Shane Farber, Kaue Cossa, Remy Taveira, Max Taylor, Paul Grund and Bobby De Keyzer


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