Natural Born Cooler – A Vans Europe Skate Video

Natural Born Cooler – Vans



It’s here. The new video from Vans Europe Natural Born Cooler is finally gracing the internet. Back in 2016 Chris Pfanner got approached by Vans Europe to organize a skate trip with some of the European team riders. The boys hit Alicante, Vienna, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Sicily for this. And it’s a gooden’. Some mind blowing skateboarding going down in this video, so certainly worth 18 minutes of your sweet time.



Big shout out to Paul Labadie for bringing us the video along with Sebastien Raban on additional filming. Albert Nyberg and Nassim Guammaz sort of steal the show for me. This was Alberts first trip out with the Vans Europe team and he killed it!



Much love to Free Skate Mag for the collaboration between them and Natural Born Cooler. With the latest issue including a zine from the trip. Not much more left to say, go watch for yourself down below.



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