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How Original from Stüssy on Vimeo.



With the arrival of 2020’s latest Stussy drop in store and online, we thought we’d take this opportunity to shed a little bit of light on this most OG of skate/surf streetwear brands. Founded in Laguna Beach back the early 80’s by surfer and skateboarder Shawn Stussy, the brand that created the format for what we now know as ‘streetwear’ began life as a marker pen scribble adorning Stussy’s hand shaped surfboards.



Not long after, that very same scribble evolved into the now universally recognised logo (based on his Uncle Jan’s actual signature) and the brand took its first steps into the world of soft goods. Stussy began selling shorts, caps and T-shirts bearing the same logo out of the back of his car and thus one of the first ever streetwear labels, (long before the term ‘streetwear’ really existed) was born.
From these humble beginnings Stussy went on to partner with Frank Sinatra Jr (no, not that one) and expanded, opening a boutique home brand store in SoHo, New York, setting up international distribution and being one of the first brands of its kind to see their clothing sitting alongside high end designer fashion labels. As such, Stussy laid the foundations of the model later adopted by British-born Supreme founder James Jebbia, who had worked with Shawn Stussy prior to opening up the first Supreme store (also in SoHo) back in 1994. The brand basically created the template of how to fuse the worlds of catwalk fashion with functionality to create clothes that look equally dope down the local fancy beer boozer or whilst you’re sliding through tramp’s piss trying to conquer the snide 3 at Aldi.
Latest Stussy drop Stussy video recap



With that little potted history out of the way, allow me to take you on a short guided tour of some primo content produced over the years by Stussy. Their team has changed a great deal since the beginning of the brand but I genuinely think you’d be hard pressed to find anybody who made Stussy garms look cooler than the UK’s very own Curtis McCann who ran their gear super hard in the late 80’s. With that fundamental statement of truth out of the way, feast your eyes on some recent, and not so recent, Stussy video output above (in the shape of the most recent clip ‘How Original’ featuring the current team), and below, via a smattering of 90’s era Stussy skate video gold. Enjoy.


If you fancy dipping your furloughed fingers into the latest wavey garments delivered by this titan of the streetwear universe then head over to the webstore to see the full latest Stussy drop online now.


2017’s ‘Tribe’ video featuring Kevin Terpening, Caleb Barnett, Aaron Loreth, Jesse Alba, Max Klein, and Lance Mountain.

TRIBE from Stüssy on Vimeo.



Mid 90’s nostalgia here with a Stussy London clip from 411VM Issue 43 (2000) featuring Keith Hufnagel, Richard Mulder,Scott Johnston, Chad Tim Tim,Danny Montoya and Justin Reynolds hitting various London hotspots.



And last but not least – more 411VM nostalgia with the same Stussy crew as above hitting Japan for 411 62 (2004). God I miss 411VM.

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