Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee Vans capsule released

There are few skateboarders who’ve had more influence on the culture than Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee.
From playing major roles in establishing street skating as a recognisable thing to trick invention: Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee are pivotal figures.
So, when these two titans of skateboarding come together with this new Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee Vans capsule – you know it’s going to fly off the shelves.
Which brings us nicely on to the bangers you can see below.
First up is the iconic Vans shoe, well at least as far as we’re concerned anyway.
Dropping as part of the 30th anniversary of Vans footwear‘s most celebrated shoe – the Steve Caballero endorsed Half Cab – this is a collab of epic proportions.
(For those unaware of the back story of how the original Half Cab evolved into its current mid top manifestation – give yourselves a history lesson via Part 1 of Vans ‘Cut Down’ above.)

Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee

Featuring Natas’ distinctive artwork on the heel referencing Ray Barbee’s board sponsor Krooked skateboards, along with an oblique reference to Natas’ seminal SMA Panther graphic – these are a must for fans of Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee or for fans of the Vans Half Cab. And I mean really, who isn’t a fan of all three?
Along with the Half Cabs, Vans have also released a Vans Skate Old Skool and a Vans Skate Slip-On, which you can see below. Both feature more graphics by Kaupas on the uppers and side walls and both come with the full Duracap construction for durability.

Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee

If you need a reminder/history lesson about why Ray Barbee is one the greatest skateboarders of all time to further prod you to jump in on these bangers: go watch Jan Maarten Sneep’s recent Barbee Memory Screen edit for Free Skate Mag. Every ‘trendy’ no comply variation that you’re running on Insta for ‘creativity points’?
Ray did it all first about 25 years ago. Recognise.

Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee

And, since we’re on a history tip – if you’re not up to speed with why Natas Kaupas is as celebrated as he is, then dive into this masterclass of skate history via the much missed On Video.

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