Harry Lintell in Portugal, Plan B and Ben Broyd for OJ wheels

July round up time with tons of banging video content encompassing everything from Harry Lintell in Portugal for Volcom, through to the latest release from skateboarding’s own faux angry Incel vibe company Hockey.
First things first though – Black Sheep Family member Harry Lintell in Portugal with Pocket Skate Mag.
Obviously this has been a big year for Harry what with his first Real Skateboards pro board dropping but, with the consistency with which he drops ridiculous footage, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’d turned pro ever year for the last decade. Alongside the always enjoyable Harry Lintell in Portugal, this Volcom x Pocket Skate Mag piece serves up 7 minutes of banging footy from the likes of Eniz Fazliov, Collin Provost, Dustin Dollin and Jorge Simoes to name just a couple.
It bears saying here too that for those of you unaware of Pocket Skate Mag until now – their skate video output is outstanding: in particular their amazing ‘Followed’ series.

Next up, another UK-related piece in the form of the recent Ben Broyd clip which sees him test-riding OJ wheels 95a ‘Nomads’ on a variety of crusty British spots. I’m yet to meet anyone unstoked by this softly-spoken maniac so, use your eyes and dive into the terrain you can unlock with slightly softer wheels.

Harry Lintell in Portugal Ben Broyd for OJ Wheels

If Ben Broyd is a little too wholesome for you then there’s always the (presumably) tongue-in-cheek school shooter vibe of Hockey who just dropped their latest full length. Whilst fans of ironic Ben Kadow and/or Spicy Kev will be left hungry (with one trick each), Diego Todd’s ender more than makes up for it.
With that said, so edgy is Hockey’s aesthetic (allegedly) that YouTube don’t allow embeds so follow the link here if you want to see Hockey X.

Penultimately, here’s a reminder that Plan B just (fairly unceremoniously) just released ‘Code’, their sixth full-length video (their second since the re-birth of the brand over a decade ago). With a video legacy including the likes of Questionable (1992), Virtual Reality (1993) and Second Hand Smoke (1994), Plan B was never going to have it easy when it came to living up to expectations. Due to this, in much the same way that 2014’s True produced in terms of amazing skating but not so much in cultural paradigm-shifts, Code delivers amazing sections (particularly from Trevor McClung, Chris Joslin and Plan B OG Pat Duffy) but is, ultimately, just another video. There’s no arguing with the skateboarding but some of the music and a lot of the editing left me cold if I’m honest. With that said – it’s still mandatory viewing.

Harry Lintell in Portugal

Finally, and somewhat fittingly given the historical talk above, is Thrasher Magazine’s China Banks documentary.
Featuring shit loads of archive and never-before-seen raw footage, this is the definitive history of an SF street spot that has had a global influence on skatepark design for 40 years. Watch it!

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