Monarch Skateboards say Hello with Sky Brown, Diego Najera and more

Leticia Bufoni’s post-Olympic brand Monarch Skateboards say Hello this week with the release of their inaugural video. Focused primarily on their extremely heavy amateur team, Monarch Skateboards have nailed their intent to the mast here with a very on-trend piece. Monarch Skateboards pros Leticia Bufoni, recent Primitive escapee Diego Najera and Olympic star Sky Brown all do have footage in this, but it’s the fresh-faced ams who fill up the majority of the timeline.

Skill-wise there’s no fronting on the line up: Australia’s Kieran Wooley brings Clay Kreiner level concrete insanity with Evon Martinez, Romel Torres and Blake Norris (in particular) delivering on the gnar-tech.
To date, Monarch Skateboards has been somewhat of an unknown entity so with this Hello video I guess we’re getting a peep behind the curtain. You’ve got to respect a brand that openly embraces the post-Olympic zeitgeist: their website’s proclamation that the brand is there ‘to please the Olympian in you’ says it all really. Much rather that level of honesty to be honest. As luck would have it, we’ve just had a massive Monarch Skateboards drop, so click below to get yourselves kitted out.

Monarch Skateboards say Hello

In completely unrelated news, other than the fact that it’s fresh skateboarding, is Nassim Lacchab’s latest Etnies clip. This dude not only has the best hair in skateboarding, he’s also supremely proactive and this 3 minute banger is allegedly just a vehicle to use up an abundance of footage whilst he works on his next ‘proper part’.
Bonkers. He’s a good lad too. Check out his Blind Skateboards pro model if you want to support one of the hardest working modern pros and the first pro skater to come from Morocco.

Monarch Skateboards say Hello

And finally, adidas have seen fit to drop an amazing 22 minute tour and demo video featuring the likes of Nora Vasconcellos, Daewon Song, Joey O’Brien and various others. I’m struggling to remember the last time that a big brand (outside of Vans) made the effort to deliver a traditional tour video. More of this please!
Instagram is no replacement for bumping into Daewon down Sainsbury’s kerb, you with me?

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