Go Skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration from Sam Mason and more

June 21st, 2022

Happy Go Skateboarding Day 2022 everyone! Hope you’re all well and enjoying the strange burst of sun.
It’ll never last obviously but, whilst it does, here’s some GSD inspo.
First up is Black Sheep family member, ripper, musician and destroyer of plexiglass Sam Mason.
This one dropped on the Vague Skate Mag a few days back and it’s a belter!
Filmed by Michal Busko and edited by none other than Joe Gavin, this is 4 minutes worth of crust embrace from Sam Mason. Filmed all over the UK, (with a number of Scottish gems peppered throughout), you’ll be hyped on this one, believe me. Big up Simply Shredd. Whilst you’re appreciating this flame-haired wonder, why not go follow the Instagram of the music collective he’s involved in? Check out @eandi_collective for gig info.

Next up is the lastest Vans Europe video entitled ‘Much Quiet’. I’m assuming the title’s a Covid reference as judging on a lot of the footage, this 30 minute banger was filmed primarily during the various lockdowns of the last two years in London and Paris. There’s a huge cast list of heads you’ll want to see in this one. Everyone from Helena Long to Palace Skateboards OGs Danny Brady and Rory Milanes come through with parts.
As always with Vans, there’s a lot of variety in terms of styles and despite it being nearly all ‘street’, there will be something for everyone. The YouTube upload is also chaptered and Sirus Gahan who made the vid has seen fit to disregard the current trend for not including skater’s names thankfully.
This one’s very on trend: lots of gaps to kerb tricks, slappy variations and weird trousers but it’s a banger.
Big up Vans.

 Go Skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration from Sam Mason and more

Final Go skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration for this post comes via the always reliable Real Skateboards.
You all already knew that Jimmy Wilkins is probably the most exciting vert skater to ever live, right?
Well, if you didn’t know that, or you need a reminder, peep his welcome to Real Skateboards part below.
It’s absolutely insane. The line which ends on the kickflip frontside boardslide alone is mind-bending and don’t get me started on the flat bottom revert mid run. Insanity. Our very own Harry Lintell even makes an appearance.
Go watch.

Go Skateboarding Day 2022 video inspiration from Sam Mason

June video round up Sour Solution 3, Welcome 2: Hell, Habitat Burrow

June 2nd, 2022

With the enforced celebration of rich Germans fast approaching, we thought it time for a June video round up.
May saw heavy drops from all manners of sources including The Sour Solution 3, Welcome 2: Hell and Habitat Burrow. Just these three alone are bonkers really.
So, chuck your Pimms out and get your eyes ready.
First up (up there) is the third installment from The Sour Solution who (for those unaware) is pretty much the most talented group of skaters on the planet.
Filmed and edited by Sour pro and supernaturally gifted skater Gustav Tønnesen, Sour solution 3 is a piss-take.
There should be no need to hype this up: if you haven’t already watched it, please do so now.
Alongside the insanely talented Scandinavians, Sour also plays host to the UK’s own Barney Page who has an incredible part. Go watch!

Next up in our June video round up is Habitat Burrow, a 7 minute 20 second expose of just how incredibly good Silas Baxter-Neal is, despite being 38.
The thumb nail alone should draw you in here – this is quality output from the most unassuming Thrasher Mag SOTY ever.

Following the 38-year-old hippy dad is Japanese ripper Mami Tezuka who’s just turned pro for underground US brand Blood Wizard.
My man currently boxing my toilet pipes in upstairs informs me that Chris Gregson has taken over the reigns of Blood Wizard. That probably explains the crazy filming – either way Mami is yet another female destroyer from Japan making global waves. Go peep the shapes on her smith grinds.

Last but by no means least in this June video round up is Welcome 2: Hell, the second full-length video from our skater-owned friends over the Pennines, Welcome skate store. You’ll probably have heard some of the fully justified hype about this already but if not, go have a look at Thrasher’s instagram. It’s worth it for the thick as fuck Insta comments alone. My personal favourites: ‘4/10 not enough Nora’ and ‘everything is ABD, delete the whole team’. Lelz.
Big up the Leeds crew and Josh Hallett on the cams. Skater-owned-shops fucking rule!
June video round up

Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards

May 16th, 2022

Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards

We are extremely humbled and grateful to be able to present these Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards to honour the lives of our two friends. Both Dave and Chris were deep members of the Black Sheep family who left us too soon. Thanks to our friends at Element for the chance to create these Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards. Mental health is an issue that was rarely discussed in our collective scenes until fairly recently, but thanks to the awareness raised by the work of charities like The Ben Raemers Foundation and Mind, there is now a space for people to feel comfortable talking about these matters.
Both Chris and Dave were integral members of both our local scene and of the national BMX and skate scenes and their passing has left a huge hole in all of our hearts.
For those who knew them both, these Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards will make sense in terms of the huge contributions that both made to our shared cultures. For those not lucky enough to have been personally touched by either Dave or Chris – please watch the tribute videos below to get a little taste of what they were about.

These Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards come in at 8.25″ wide (just like Chris would’ve ridden). All proceeds from the sales of this deck go directly to the Mind Mental Health Charity to help raise further awareness of mental health issues in an attempt to give people the confidence to both ask for help and to ask their friends if they need it.
The graphics are by Tom J Newell and the boards come with a medium Element concave which ought to suit all tastes. We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in making these Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards happen. We are incredibly honoured to be able to do this for two beautiful human beings that we loved dearly. Talk to your friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
One love.

Chris Barrett and Dave Beveridge Element ESP tribute boards

Real presents Postcard another banging video part from Harry Lintell

April 30th, 2022

Another month, another ridiculous full-length video part from Harry Lintell. Hot on the heels (ish) of Real turning him pro back in September of last year, Harry’s been in the States killing it. No surprises there, right? As a deep and valued Black Sheep family member, we knew Harry had it in him for day one.
Style, pop, power, trick selection, speed: old gap tooth has it all so add Postcard to the list. This is yet another banging video part from Harry Lintell.
As we discussed in the blog post celebrating his mum presenting Harry with his long overdue pro board, Harry’s in very esteemed company. The list of UK street skaters who’ve turned pro for huge US brands is small. The list of those who’ve done so whilst predominantly living in the UK is even smaller. It’s a testament to both the supernatural ability he has and to how seriously Real skateboards take him.
Mind you, which brand wouldn’t want a pro who can knock video parts out like this?
I guess Harry must’ve been taking notes from Ishod when it comes to productivity.

Watch the newest video part with Harry Lintell above first and then take your fingers for a wander and support Ashford’s finest. His latest ‘World Peace’ pro board from Real skateboards is currently in stock in 8.25, and we still have a few of his original two decks. Don’t sleep, big dog needs teeth.

Real presents Postcard another banging video part from Harry Lintell

If you fancy more video part from Harry Lintell, simply click the Harry Lintell tag at the bottom of this post, or indeed on his name ‘Harry Lintell‘ here. There are shit loads of archive posts with shit loads more footage.
Only a few things left to say really. Number one, that line which starts with the switch ollie over the rail and ends with the backside flip is a pisstake. Number two, Harry has the best switch frontside heelflip on the planet. And, finally, if you fancy waxing lyrical about how much you like Harry’s skating – go chat shit with other nerds here.

Baker 420 with T Funk and Tyson Peterson

April 26th, 2022

Well fuck me! This one’s bonkers. Baker 420 with T Funk and Tyson Peterson dropped with minimal fanfare on international stoner days.
Otherwise known as ‘420’, for some never completely understood reason, weedheads across the world decided upon the 20th of April to celebrate inhaling THC-laden smoke into their lungs. In order to honour this, Baker Skateboards, a brand well known for their team’s interest in smoking weed, have dropped this Baker 420 video led by the perma-baked duo of T Funk and Tyson Peterson.
Interestingly, April 20th also happens to be the birth date of none other than Adolf Hitler which, if we’re honest, puts a bit of a downer on this weed ceremony but hey ho, it’s 2022, everything is permitted I guess.
Anyhow, onto matters of state: T Funk and Tyson Peterson, (or Tristan Funkhouser to use his official name).
These two bookend what I suppose is technically ‘Baker 5’, following up 2021’s ‘Baker 4’ full-length piece (which you can watch below). Anyone who was on the bench about T Funk’s recent China Banks Thrasher magazine cover being a claim – prepare to soil your kegs. Little bull neck not only lands the seemingly impossible frontside ollie over the long China Banks bench; he also makes it look piss easy. That trick sits in a part full of insanely high speed hits of SF spots which have either lain dormant for decades or have never been previously touched. T Funk is on one.

Baker 420 with T Funk and Tyson Peterson

T Funk’s foil, and the man who dresses like a stoner’s couch, namely Tyson Peterson, comes very much correct with a brace of swan-like backsmiths and stair hopping tech-gnar bangers. In between the bookends of T Funk and Tyson Peterson, you’re treated to various cameos from Baker and Deathwish heads ranging from Andrew Reynolds to Erik Ellington. Basically, it’s a two-man led Baker and Deathwish skateboards video released to celebrate weed-smoking. You know what to expect, right?

Martino Cattaneo rides for Madness Skateboards and is a lunatic

April 4th, 2022

Madness Skateboards own Martino Cattaneo has been on the radar every since his 5 minute intro to the world courtesy of Vans 2020 Tom’s Tales video dropped.
Emerging from effectively nowhere at that point, this Swiss ATV turned heads with the aforementioned Vans part, then followed it up with his inaugural release for Madness Skateboards, which you can see up there. The combination of his non-ironic man bun and his seeming ability to tear up transitions that are either too mythological in size for your average human, or so tight as to be unskateable, marks him out for greatness. Go watch the first minute and a half of the Madness Skateboards clip at the top of this text and ask yourself this: ‘has anyone else ever started a street line with 25 seconds in a super tight street fullpipe? (Pro tip – they haven’t).
True originals are hard to come by in 2022 so Martino Cattaneo is a breath of fresh Swiss air across the bow of the good shit Predictable if we’re being honest.
It just so happens that we’ve had a huge drop of Madness skateboards this week which, aside from giving you the chance to get your hands on some of the most diverse and beautiful skateboards currently on the market, also gives us an opportunity to gas man bun up as he deserves.
From 10 inch wide beasts, to slicks, to shaped boards with wheel wells and amazing graphics – don’t spare yourselves the madness.

Martino Cattaneo rides for Madness Skateboards

In case any of you missed it, you’ll find below the Vans EU Tom’s Tales video containing Martino’s first foray into global consciousness. It’s absolutely fucking mental.

Additionally, post Madness Skateboards hook up, Martino also appears on 2021’s Am Scramble from Thrasher which is worth watching in its entirety. Bonkers as ever.

To wind this one up, it’s probably also worth mentioning that we’ve also had a massive delivery of the perennially popular Blind Skateboards this month too which functions as a suitable reminder that Blind Skateboards‘ 1992 classic ‘Tim & Henry’s Pack of Lies’ is 30 years old this month. If you’ve never seen it, go watch it now. If you have, go watch it again.
Black Sabbath and Henry Sanchez – goosebumps!

 Martino Cattaneo rides for Madness Skateboards

Ishod Wair the GOAT, Baglady supplies and Grey Area Polish enders

March 27th, 2022

Any month that sees a new video part dropping from Ishod Wair the GOAT is welcome, right?
Fans of Real skateboard‘s finest are not going to be disappointed here. Prepare your souls for ten minutes of new footage from a man who absolutely deserves the oft-overused appellation of Ishod Wair the GOAT.
It’s almost inconceivable to think that Ishod won Thrasher magazine’s coveted SOTY 9 years ago (back in 2013) and yet is still going in this hard. Pure natural ability and work ethic combined: it’s that simple.
So much incredible skating here and loads of extremely cruisey lines too, well, ‘cruisey’ for Ishod, not for everyone else obviously. Tech, rail gnar, style – what more do you want?
Extra lelz available in this one too with Ishod running various pairs of Nike SB Dunks that’ll make the StockX reseller heads cry. “Ben & Jerry Chunkys? Yeah just kickflipped the shit out of them mate – go resell them if you like, they’re in the bin.”

Ishod Wair the GOAT

Next up on the ‘videos that have jumped out at us this month’ list is the premier release from UK-based Baglady Supplies. According to their website, Baglady is a ‘brand from South East London’ who appear to be making boards and a huge range of clothing and accessories. I’m hoping that Daryl Dominguez has a hand in it business-wise as he has been dangerously overlooked by the skate industry (outside of Vans) for far too long.
Anyhow, peep below for more from Double D, Davide Holzknecht, Luka Pinto, Aref Koushesh, Tom Delion, Henry Gibbs, Ranga and Joel Banner. This is a banger.

Finally, or as they say in Poland, Wreszcie, we come to the latest release from the ever productive Polish skate crew behind the Grey Area videos. The rather aptly titled ‘Push Button to Destroy the World’ is the latest from Poland’s premiere lensman Kuba Kaczmarczyk and features a heavy cast including The National Skateboard Co pro Michał Juras, Finland’s Eniz Fazliov and various others. Whilst the whole piece is great, special attention must be directed towards Agata Halikowska’s last section which bangs. Big up Poland!

Ishod Wair the GOAT

Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee Vans capsule released

March 2nd, 2022

There are few skateboarders who’ve had more influence on the culture than Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee.
From playing major roles in establishing street skating as a recognisable thing to trick invention: Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee are pivotal figures.
So, when these two titans of skateboarding come together with this new Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee Vans capsule – you know it’s going to fly off the shelves.
Which brings us nicely on to the bangers you can see below.
First up is the iconic Vans shoe, well at least as far as we’re concerned anyway.
Dropping as part of the 30th anniversary of Vans footwear‘s most celebrated shoe – the Steve Caballero endorsed Half Cab – this is a collab of epic proportions.
(For those unaware of the back story of how the original Half Cab evolved into its current mid top manifestation – give yourselves a history lesson via Part 1 of Vans ‘Cut Down’ above.)

Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee

Featuring Natas’ distinctive artwork on the heel referencing Ray Barbee’s board sponsor Krooked skateboards, along with an oblique reference to Natas’ seminal SMA Panther graphic – these are a must for fans of Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee or for fans of the Vans Half Cab. And I mean really, who isn’t a fan of all three?
Along with the Half Cabs, Vans have also released a Vans Skate Old Skool and a Vans Skate Slip-On, which you can see below. Both feature more graphics by Kaupas on the uppers and side walls and both come with the full Duracap construction for durability.

Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee

If you need a reminder/history lesson about why Ray Barbee is one the greatest skateboarders of all time to further prod you to jump in on these bangers: go watch Jan Maarten Sneep’s recent Barbee Memory Screen edit for Free Skate Mag. Every ‘trendy’ no comply variation that you’re running on Insta for ‘creativity points’?
Ray did it all first about 25 years ago. Recognise.

Natas Kaupas and Ray Barbee

And, since we’re on a history tip – if you’re not up to speed with why Natas Kaupas is as celebrated as he is, then dive into this masterclass of skate history via the much missed On Video.

Skate Shop Day – Todd Francis x Black Sheep

February 18th, 2022

Today is global Skate Shop Day. Do we really need to explain why this one’s important? If we do then maybe you should pop in and we’ll give you a cuddle.
It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Skate Shops are the lifeblood. Instagram might well give you illusory props but without your bricks and mortar skateboard slingers, you’re adrift. This year’s Skate Shop Day sees us and 46 other skate shops across the UK and Ireland join forces. Thanks to the ever legendary peeps over at DLXSF, we’ve been blessed, hard.

The artist behind Anti Hero skateboards pigeon logo, (amongst many other iconic graphics) has linked up with us to create some extremely limited proddy to celebrate Skate Shop Day. We are beyond stoked to be involved here and recommend you grab some of this DLXSF Sketchy Skate Shop Appreciation program product from us, or from your own local skate shop.

Skate Shop Day Todd Francis x Black Sheep

Deck-wise we have Todd Francis x Black Sheep boards in 8″, 8.25″ and 8.5″ all of which are in strictly limited numbers. If you wanna rep – this is how you do it.
Additionally, we also have t-shirts with the Todd Francis x Black Sheep art work in gold and black, again in limited numbers.

Skate Shop Day Todd Francis x Black Sheep

All praise to DLXSF here – lots of brands support independent stores with their lips but not so many with their actions.

On top of the above, we also have shirts with every logo of all the participating UK and Irish skate stores involved in Skate Shop Day so why not buy one shirt and rep every one at once? You know it makes sense.

Skate Shop Day Todd Francis x Black Sheep

With the above said – huge love and respect to all our friends and customers across the world. We’re only able to do what we do because of what you do. Your support and love is precious to us. Thank you all.

Here’s a little insight into the mind of Todd Francis for any of you keen to learn more.

February round up – Jake Wooten, Una Farrar, Cons x Krooked and more

February 13th, 2022

Time flies when it’s bastard freezing eh? As such, here’s a February round up of content. These days it’s as though there are 5 sick videos dropping daily so it seems legit to do multi posts. Plus, we’ve slept on posting in February so far I guess, I blame the weather. Anyway, to the matter at hand: a February round up of recent content.

First up, is the video announcement that rubber-limbed transition slayer officially joined etnies (as of January 27th). If you’re aware of Jake Wooten’s previous behaviours, you’ll buzz off this power move. If you don’t already know who he is – get to know below. His etnies welcome part was filmed by Mike Manzoori too so there’s another bonus.

February round up – Jake Wooten, Una Farrar, Cons x Krooked and more

Once you’ve watched that, we strongly recommend catching up with Dime’s female representative and Vans head Una Farrar. Una has just dropped a short but banging section to coincide with landing the cover of new US publication Mess Skate Mag.

In related Vans video content news, the UK’s Skateboarder’s Companion magazine dropped a banger too. With Ben Broyd and Jordan Thackeray leading the charge – you know it’s going to be deece.

February round up – Jake Wooten, Una Farrar, Cons x Krooked and more

Next up in our February round up is the first (?) collab video of 2021.
Middle Earth serves up a Krooked skateboards rider captained clip to celebrate Mike Anderson’s Krooked x CTAS Pro Cons shoe. Alongside Mike you get Frank Gerwer, Brad Cromer, Eddie Cernicky, Raney Beres and Zered Bassett – so a half arsed shoe hawker this is not. Fire up the screens then get your nail scissors out – it’ll make sense later.

Penultimately, we come to Carharrt’s first video release in a decade. Inside Out is a slightly more cinematic take on a team video. Accidental Gullwing video references aside, there’s not a lot to dislike here. Go peep.

Last, but by no means, least comes a truly British clip courtesy of The Skateboarder’s Companion again. Stoked to see that they’ve resurrected the OG Sidewalk magazine ‘Raiders of the Lost Park’ series. Is there anything more authentically British than fannying around on dogshit council parks?
Thought not. Behold Mexborough in all its tin glory!

Rest in peace Bruce Kelliher AKA ‘Bruce the Ox’

And, as always, rest in peace to our dear friend Chris Barrett. Shine on mate.