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Jaws Lyon 25 Stair Footage

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016


By now we’ve all seen the Thrasher cover, we’ve all probably read Ali’s reaction in various interviews on the web, but now the footage is here of Jaws  rolling away from the infamous Lyon 25 – or Ali’s Lyon 25 stair! Skating has always had these infamous spots, and who’s done what , what could have been and who was mad enough to try that! From the leap of faith, to Hollywood High, Carlsbad and El Toro, the more skateboarding progresses it seems the more of these spots get tamed and now another one of these has been ticked off the list. Ali’s attempts at the end of his part from Flip’s “Sorry” in 2003 shot him into skate folklore, now many years later Birdhouse’s Aaron “Jaws” Homoki has conquered it! Brought together by Thrasher Magazine, Jaws, his dad, Ali Boulala, French Fred and a large media crew headed to Lyon last October to go and see if the 25 could be done, eventually it was… and here’s the footage.