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Songs that include Skateboarding

Friday, April 29th, 2016


Being a skateboarder often involves random pissed up people shouting various lyrics from songs we all know and maybe don’t appreciate that include the topic, skateboarding. Considering there’s a fair few different ones I though I would put a collection together of songs that include skateboarding. You never know, this may also influence a decent playlist for your iPod to get down and dirty too whilst out and about shredding and it might even teach some of us the lyrics so we can join in with the public when they scream the song at us.




To start off with we have the dreaded Avril Lavigne song, ‘Skater Boy’. When this was released you could literally have the whole song sang at you whilst cruising through the streets. I mean most of us probably never actually heard the original, we just know it from when it’s being shouted at us from alcohol intoxicated humans. We don’t exactly skate past pubs screaming the lyrics from Oasis’s ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ song, or do we?



In the late 2000’s Lupe Fiasco graced skate shops all over the world with ‘Kick Push’. I felt like it was more accepted in the skate community because it was a hip hop track, but my god was it cheese, and mature cheddar cheese to say the least. I do not want to listen to or have anything dedicated to all my ‘Homies out there grinding’. I may be being a little harsh with this one and I probably enjoyed it for the first few times but now when this track comes on, simply skip the track man. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of his music is bang on and I would happily have a listen.



Who is this twat? I mean his music may not be related around skateboarding and his lyrics don’t talk about kick flipping the great wall of china but he has still called himself SKATE. Dude, what is that about. You are giving us guys a bad name so please rename yourself to something like Scoot or Blade please.



When a skateboarder suddenly decides to take up a career as a rapper. I mean Jeremy Rogers, you actually used to be good at skating but please put the microphone down and leave it to the various musicians like Wu-Tang who know what they are doing.



On a positive note, OPM killed it back in the day when they released ‘Heaven is a Halfpipe’. Now this is possibly the only track that is based around skateboarding that we can all sit down to and appreciate. Possibly even sing along is the spirits high. What skateboarder doesn’t dream of having a halfpipe in heaven, I certainly do as that would be amazing. Skate or die people, or die then skate a halfpipe in heaven, sorted.


Well there’s 5 tracks to add onto your next playlist, guilty pleasures for anyone? I would certainly like to know and if you guys can think of anymore songs that include skateboarding then fire them over to our Twitter page.