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Adidas Skateboarding Alhoa Super Gonz Release

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Adidas Skateboarding Alhoa Super Gonz


Adidas Skateboarding Alhoa Super Gonz


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Take yourself back to 1998 when Mark Gonzales did something only he could get away with. The Gonz hit up Germany’s Städtisches Museum to put on a performance he titled “Back Worlds Of Words”. Basically he skated a bunch of custom made obstacles in the gallery. We talk a lot about skating as a form of art but this gave that a whole new meaning. Oh yeah and he did the whole thing dressed in a white fencing suit with the word ‘ALOHA’ printed on the back. He also skated a pair of adiStar Fencing shoes…


But, its 20 years on from “Back Worlds Of Words” and Adidas wanted to commemorate the 20th Anniversary by hitting up the man himself and celebrate by doing it all over again. Not only this but Adidas will be debuting the Gonz’s new signature shoe: the Aloha Super. Both the video and the shoes will be released at midnight Saturday 18th August.


The Aloha Super is made in likeness of the original adiStar the Gonz wore back in 1998 but this time around built for skateboarding. We are happy to be releasing the Aloha Super on our website Saturday! So if you’re keen get them before they’re all gone.


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Watch the original “Back Worlds Of Words” piece here:


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