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Top 3 – Chris Barrett

Friday, January 22nd, 2016



Chris ‘BAD MAN’ Barrett, the best dude to survive the murky Stockport drinking water since 1987. As it did for must of us skateboarding took control over his life from the moment he stepped on a board. If it hadn’t of been for this guy I doubt Stockport would’ve ever made it onto the skateboard map. He’s the rawest skater I’ve possibly met, and without him I doubt I would still be shredding to this day. He’s a huge influence on everyone who has ever met him, a barrel of laughs in any situation, this guy is mint! My name is Stannerz and I would like to thank him for being a raw SUB FIFTY family farther! Get to know him more as I asked him about his top 3 favourites in a variety of topics.



1: Pizza

2: Lasagne

3: An actual Steak, what is it…. Rib Eye.



1: Black Sheep Ale

2: Tyskie or any Polish Beer

3: Ice Tea…. Peach



1: Stockport

2: Dubai

3: Bilbao



1: Joe Gavin/Dom Henry

2: Eddie Belvedere

3: You…(stannerz)






1: Bs 180 Nosegrind

2: Flip back noseblunt but only when you do it.

3: Fakie Front Noses


Moments of 2015:

1: Putting out my Black Sheep Fridays part

2: Nature walks with the dog

3: Spice



1: All the riduclous parts that Thrasher bring out..

2: as above

3: as above



1: What you mean jobs…





1: Wu-Tang

2: Captain Beefheart

3: Pink Floyd





Football players:

1: Tony Hawk

2: Steve Cab

3: Andy Mcdonald


Moments to come in 2016:

1: Visit Eddie in Cornwall

2: Back to Dubai

3: Chilling



1: All of them

2: All of them

3: I like the change in weather, it would be shit without seasons. You’d be like a lizard if it was always hot.


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