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Josh Bentley’s ‘May Be Goth’ Part

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016



When Josh Bentley isn’t consuming the numerous tins of baked beans in his student house in South Manchester, he is out skating and producing parts with his good friend and film maker Sam Frost. This latest part that he has to offer is ‘May Be Goth’ and it is the second edition after Sam’s first video ‘Maybelol’. ‘Maybelol’ for those that didn’t witness was nothing but spectacular and it combined good times with raw skating and a little humor. I mean we can all appreciate that can’t we because no point in being serious your whole life. This second part ‘May Be Goth’ that Josh has managed to produce despite having a full time job as a student is also incredible. He is a quirky hippy jumping northern lad and we are pleased to showcase his newest part for all you guys to see, good work Josh.