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Element Bam Margera Decks – Coming Soon

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Element Bam Margera Decks – Coming Soon


Element are hitting their 25th Year Anniversary. What better way to celebrate the brand than giving former Element team rider Bam Margera a proper welcome back.  Element are set to re-issue 10 of Bam Margera’s most memorable board graphics. Following on the sell out USA release these are now imminently set to be be available for the UK. Here at The Black Sheep Store we’re stoked to be one of the chosen few UK skate store’s to offer up this hot re-release. Scan your cursors below for direct link for all incoming graphics we’ll have in stock. You can also sign up for our ‘coming soon’ email that’ll notify you the second they have landed with us.






Bam is a true part of Element Skateboard’s history. We all know Bam from his TV appearance on Jackass and Viva La Bam when he exposed millions of viewers to skateboarding back in 2000. Now at 38 years young Bam has sorted his life out, stopped terrorizing his dad, lost a bunch of weight and is back shredding.


He’s back from 5 years off of skating following some heavy injuries and personal battles. But like many others, Element are stoked he’s picked a board back up.


And let’s not forget Bam’s involvement with rock band CKY, which if you didn’t know stands for ‘Camp Kill Yourself’. 


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