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Happy Hour Shades

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Happy Hour Shades was started by Baker and Emerica pro skaters Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski. It has now evolved into one of the biggest Sunglasses company in the skateboard industry and has a powerful team consisting of the professionals: Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski, Kevin Romar, Figgy, Dustin Dollin, Jamie Tancowny, Nuge, Chima Ferguson, Jon Dickson, Jake Duncombe, Beagle, Frank Gerwr and Collin Provost, Trevor Colden, Riley Hawk. The amateurs consist of the Chief Dog and many more… 

Braydon and Bryan are both pro for Baker Skateboarders and have been a huge influence on the skate scene for several years and hopefully many more. If you are not that familiar with their skills you should definitely make some time to watch Baker 3. Baker 3 was a video made by the Baker Skateboards and was one of the biggest videos to drop in 2005 and is still a very decent watch!  For now here’s a clip of the Happy Hour boys shredding it hard at the skatepark.





They have produced a massive range of sunglasses consisting of pro models to double downs which come in a variety of colours such as black/gold to electric blues. Not only have they made sunglasses but they have also made some fresh clothing and accessories like air fresheners and beer coolers….. perfect for the summer! 


We at the The Black Sheep Store are very proud to stock this brand, especially since we are a skateboarder owned shop and Happy Hour is a skater owned company. It is definitely worth paying a visit to our city centre store at 59 Church Street, Manchester, M41PD or heading over to our website to check them out! Prices range from £17.50 up to £22.50 which isn’t much to pay for looking as cool as can be in the summer sun.