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Enjoi x Black Sheep Store Deck.

Friday, January 22nd, 2016



ben raemers x black sheep board


At the Black Sheep Store we more than Enjoi skateboarding, even more so when big brands decide to join forces and do an extra special collaboration. You’ve probably already realized from the image above who is our next partner in crime is, if not it’s Enjoi Skateboards. HYPED! A worldwide skateboard brand that has been nothing but the best since it came onto the scene in 2000. So what can be expected? A bloody dope deck featured above which will come in sizes consisting of 8” and 8.25”. A combined effort on the design, you’d be mad to miss out on this super limited drop. On sale in store from Saturday the 23rd (tomorrow), then if there’s any left, which might be doubtful, the rest will go online on Sunday for the online buyers. Costing you just £39.95 including free grip, they’re cheap as chips. Do you really want to be a fool and miss out on a chance to take one of these bad boys home?! Watch Enjoi’s ‘Bag Of Suck’ below to begin the hype…





The Enjoi x Black Sheep Store Collaboration, kicking things off for a great year to come. Many more dope collaborations on the horizon in connection with celebrating our 7th year as a skate store in the heart of the Manchester streets.


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