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Spitfire Wheels UK – Baton Edit

Friday, May 19th, 2017


The good folk at Shiner distribution and backers of Pixels TV sent the UK Spitfire Wheels crew out to Barcelona for a brief hard hitting trip. Footage was stacked and of course Black Sheep team rider Harry Lintell got more than involved in his casual nonchalant style. Go watch the edit below featuring Manny Lopez, Dylan Hughes, Joe Gavin and Ollie Lock filmed and edited by lennsman Austin Bristow.


Rad to see UK team riders getting the backing from skateboard wheels giants Spitfire Wheels and Shiner putting up the dough and orchestrating for the trip. Props all round to all involved in making this one happen and hopefully more to come!


Ps- Harry Lintell currently Stateside with the US Spitfire team so be sure to catch his happenings via Spitfire Wheels Instagram



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French Intern’s Road Trips

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


Every summer, THE PLO SKATE CLUB ( France ) organises a Skate trip in France for the kids and in a foreign country for the older ones. Kids travel in France to Skate all the good skateparks and spots our country has to offer. The older ones have to choose a new destination. We’ve been to Spain a few times, the basque country, known for these crazy rad bowls and concrete skateparks.



Algorta’s famous spot


algorta french intern
In 2013 a few of us went to Copenhagen for the CPH PRO 2013 with all the pros, then Sweden and finally Germany (kiel) to visit our German friends who’ve been to France a year before.


cph pro french
In 2013, members of the Skate Association decided to go further and take the plane for the US. A decision taken after more than 20 years of work for Skateboarding. The road trip of every skater’s life, the one your thinking about after watching your first video. They make it possible after all these years of patience and dedication for the association, all these demos, contests, kid’s classes, and working day to day at the Skatepark.

Arnaud Castel, in Las Vegas, America
arnie usa trip
This is the video they made, thanks to Yann Quenez, photographer and filmer. Hope you’ll enjoy it mates.






Top 3 – Olly Tyreman

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016






Olly Tyreman is for those that don’t know, one of the Black Sheep’s most valuable team members. One of the funniest guys I’ve ever met, he never fails to entertain. A skateboard fanatic, ex-party animal and top geezer! When he passed through the store a couple of days ago it was only right to ask him some top 3’s on various topics. As the interview was happening he also spoke about the possibility that he’d be moving away to Dubai. You would’ve thought that would have taken a few months at least to plan but just a few days later he’s only gone and boarded the flight, legend. His unexpected visits to the store will be sadly missed but we wish him all the best in his latest travels. Yes PAL.



1: Sirloin steak

2: Calamari

3: Tomato Soup



1: Bush Mills Whiskey (when I’m drinking)

2: Green Tea

3: Caipirinha Cocktail (when I’m drinking aha)



1: Burnley

2: Sydney

3: New York City



1: Ben Raemers

2: Stannerz

3: Sexual Stu

(Fack Off HAWK)






1: Back 3

2: Back 3

3: Back 3


Moments of 2015:

1: Moving to Sydney

2: Moving back from Sydney

3: Getting of the booze.



1: Ben Raemers

2: Ben Raemers

3: Ray Mears: Survival techniques.



1: Skate coaching

2: Starting fires

3: Putting them out pal.






1: Acid House

2: Soul

3: Rock n Roll


Football players:

1: Gazza

2: Balotelli

3: Silva


Moments to come in 2016:

1: Skating in Palestine

2: Potentially becoming a Fireman

3: Summer



1: Summer

2: Winter

3: Spring (Fuck Autumn)


We hope you’ve learnt more about this puzzling man. I doubt anyone will ever understand what’s actually going on in his mind but what a guy. Top dogger, see you in the future pal and once again good luck with your adventure.


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Rush Hour – Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015



In association with Kingpin, this Kevin Parrott produced video – ‘Rush Hour’, includes our very own and Real skateboards ripper Harry Lintell tanking it around, hitting up several of the capitals lesser seen spots with his partner in crime Manny Lopez! We all know that every city around the country has those spots that are always in the minds of local skaters to hit up, but the reality is that your only going to get a single go…if your lucky, and then there’s the imminent arrival of security guards turning up and giving you the boot! Now there are some people out there, for example Harry and Manny, who only need a couple of tries at best to get their trick and that’s the focus around ‘Rush Hour’. The old rush a quick one in before the High visibility jackets come to stop you in your tracks, then the standard “oh come on mate one more try” proceeding the cheeky ” we not get five more minutes please pal?!?” The fact that any of these tricks were landed at the spots is a challenge in itself, but Harry and Manny are well on it….but you lot knew that anyway! Enjoy the clip below and try and go and hit up that impossible spot next time you go skate!





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Black Sheep Fridays

Friday, December 4th, 2015





As it’s coming up to Christmas we thought it would nice to keep the skate spirit alive during this cold winter by releasing an edit each Friday in connection with Sidewalk Magazine called Black Sheep Fridays. The first part to drop is Seb Batty’s and Jiri ‘George’ Bulin’s that went online earlier today. Nothing but pure gritty northern skating to feast your eyes on. Filmed and edited by Isaac ‘wasteman’ Wilkinson, you must watch. You can expect to see more sections dropping from the likes of Nick ‘Stannerz’ Stansfield, Chris ‘Badman’ Barrett, Eddie Belvedere and a solo part from just Seb Batty. So don’t forget to check the Sidewalk website each Friday for a fresh unseen edit from our infamous team. Big up!!


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Ride Channel Open Edit

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015





For nearly a year now the Ride Channel have been posting a series of edits up on their site called the ‘Open’ edits. These clips are from shops not just in the USA but from all around the world. The idea was to show the independent shops that support skateboarding in their community and also the riders and staff that make these shops the backbone of the skateboard scene, and yes you guessed it, it was our turn for the Ride Channel Open edit ! Thanks to the camera and editing skills of Mr Phil Harvey, he has treated us to nearly four minutes of Black Sheep action! Jiri Bulin kicks things off with some raw street hammers before Lewis Threadgold shows us how to properly do a load of wallie and wall ride variations! Josh Bentley mixes old spots with new, a sick line at Manchester’s newest DIY spot and a huck down the infamous grizzly stairs. Stu Reynolds after that proves that 40 is the new 20, then Lucien Costello shows us the talents of Manchester youth on the rise! Seb Batty makes light work of one of the highest ledges in town! Nick Stannerz and Sexual Stu keep the mosh alive with a quick line each on urbis.  Rikk Fields throws some of his footage in from his recent exploits in Hong Kong while Jake Potts keeps it local with an added Barcelona banger! Badman Barrett gets tech at Stockport’s finest ledge haven, then there’s strictly business as Reiss Johnson and Andy Scott take it to the vert! Harry Lintell comes through with even more mesmerizing street antics before Eddie Belvedere takes on some Cornish concrete! Rob Smith ends the show in fine fashion, gnarly drop ins, street lines and flying high at Stockwell! Big thanks to Phil Harvey for putting it together, Rybo, Armani Rochford and Isaac Wilkinson for additional filming. Big shout out to MC DRS for providing the soundtrack and also to the Ride Channel for having us on! So what you waiting for click play now!




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Preston Skate Park Opening Jam

Thursday, September 17th, 2015




So last weekend saw the Preston Skate Park Opening Jam and lets just say the newly poured concrete was shredded until the unsuspected sun disappeared for the night. Expectations high, skaters descended from all over to give the Norths newest park a good seeing too. A heavy LBP presence working behind the scenes, local skate legend Frosty helping out, it was certain to be a good day.

Freestyle, one of the UK’s leading skate park construction companies took on the contract to build the park as part of the Moor Park restoration. Costing £320,000, it’s worth every penny. Not a ledge in sight, just strictly transition! Situated right across the road from Preston North End football stadium it’s easy to find/get too and it’s 100% worth a visit. So if you’re ever in the area go take a look for yourself, plus there’s free parking too so no excuses.


preston opening

Welsh Alan, Back Smiths the deep end.


Since Preston is one of Manchester’s neighboring cities. It was inevitable that some of our family would make an appearance including The Black Sheep’s veteran Mr Eddie Belvedere. You also saw the likes of Josh ‘Man Head’ Young, Same Pulley, Frosty, Sam Mason, Rooney, Sox and many more slashing the fresh pool coping. Paul Graham behind the camera lens as seen above with Welsh Alan’s, Back Smith. Catch the whole gallery over on the Sidewalk Magazine site. As for the edit, you don’t need to look any further than below….




Big up to everyone involved for giving the North yet another amazing place for not only the kids to go shred but also us old dudes! Massive thanks to Bob Frost, chair of Preston Skate Park Projects for making it happen.


Harry Lintell’s ‘True To This’ Volcom Part

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015


There’s no stopping our latest team rider Harry Lintell, smashing out parts like there’s no tomorrow. This guy is seriously on a mad hype. Constantly on the road living out of a bag this dude is living the life and would say he’s right up there in the UK’s most productive skaters at the minute. When he’s not on the road you can find him couch surfing in the city of Manchester, The Black Sheep’s back garden.



Harry’s hit the bulls-eye with his ‘True To This’ Volcom Part…


So our mate Harry, earlier this year he released a part to be proud of. It was a project him and Kev Parrott had been working on last year for Volcom Clothing, hitting up some iconic UK spots as well as some hidden gems. It has everything from gnarly rails to some technical lines so it will definitely appeal to almost every skater. It got my hyped anyway to go out and shred! It was advertised on almost every social media site so I’ll be surprised if you’ve not already seen it. It was also advertised on the infamous Thrasher Magazine’s homepage which is pretty good dam going if you ask me. Watch below and prepare to have your mind blown….



Pretty good right, the switch flip at Southbank also made it onto the front cover of Sidewalk Magazine as it should have done because it’s absolutely nuts. Surely he can’t keep this standard up, can we expect more this year from Mr Lintell? We definitely can as he’s already featured on a Converse trip ‘Braving The Cold’ and is currently on another filming mission with the lads somewhere in Europe. Can’t wait to see more of this raw ripper, keep up the good bloody work pal!   



Jiri Bulin At Zero Degrees Skatepark Peacehaven

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015


A couple of weeks ago our Czech imported smasher Jiri Bulin headed down to the Zero Degrees skatepark, Peacehaven in the Lewes district of East Sussex. The park was built and designed by Canvas Spaces in connection with the Big Park Project – A project that aims to create and improve outdoor sports and community facilities in that area. Due to the construction of a waste water treatment  plant by Southern water, 30 acres of land became available for some sort of use, so why not build a skate park? Great idea! The park has a great lay out and has all your usual park obstacles including  bowls, rails, hubba ledges, a brick bank, various gaps and pads, it  even has a skate-able sundial! For those of you who don’t know why there’s a dial in there it’s because the park sits on a Meridian line which is part of a Bronze-age archaeological site! So now you know!
As could be expected Jiri Bulin came through with a couple of bangers as he always does! Big shout out to Canvas Spaces, Zero Degrees and the Big Park Project for having him down to shred. Can see some sick summer sessions going on down here! Lets just hope we have some decent weather this summer!















Jirka Bulin ‘Too Right’ section

Saturday, May 31st, 2014


So the first section to drop from the ‘Too Right’ video is our very own Black Sheep and Superdead rider Jirka Bulin’s which is now available to watch online. If you want to see some mad trickery from Stockports local check it out! Jirka is one of the best people to get hyped on to go skating. If theres any obstacles in his way, he’l find a way around it!  This is just the start of what’s to come so keep your eyes peeled for more sections coming out faster than Jirka when he finishes his shift at the golden arches. Top dude, mint section and %100 worth a watch…… ‘I’m loving it’