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Marc Mckee – The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018



The Nine Club is back for another round of quality skateboard spiel, this time with one of skateboarding’s most prolific artists, Marc McKee.


McKee’s lengthy career took off with the same trajectory as World Industries after he was pulled into Steve Rocco’s camp in the 1990s. Over the following years McKee produced some of what are now considered the most iconic skateboard graphics of all time including Natas Kaupas’ 101 ‘Satan’ and ‘Boom’ boards, the ‘Fucked Up Blind Kids’ series and the renowned World Industries ‘Wet Willy’ and ‘Flame Boy’ mascots.


Of course, McKee’s quiver of controversial artwork is discussed in the latest installment of The Nine Club alongside growing up in Marin County, studying art at UCLA, cease and desist letters and much more.


Get watching or listening to ease yourself through the back to work blues!


TJ Rogers – IOU Part

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Blind skateboards ripper TJ Rogers has just had his IOU part released online, in connection with The Ride Channel and part of the Blind Damn Sundays series that they have been posting for a while now. This section really does have a bit of everything and TJ does it with style and precision, he can skate the big stuff but also he can get really tech with some ledge wizardry, throw in a bit of Barcelona footage and amazing ender at Wallenberg four and your on to a winner!



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