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Monarch Skateboards say Hello with Sky Brown, Diego Najera and more

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Leticia Bufoni’s post-Olympic brand Monarch Skateboards say Hello this week with the release of their inaugural video. Focused primarily on their extremely heavy amateur team, Monarch Skateboards have nailed their intent to the mast here with a very on-trend piece. Monarch Skateboards pros Leticia Bufoni, recent Primitive escapee Diego Najera and Olympic star Sky Brown all do have footage in this, but it’s the fresh-faced ams who fill up the majority of the timeline.

Skill-wise there’s no fronting on the line up: Australia’s Kieran Wooley brings Clay Kreiner level concrete insanity with Evon Martinez, Romel Torres and Blake Norris (in particular) delivering on the gnar-tech.
To date, Monarch Skateboards has been somewhat of an unknown entity so with this Hello video I guess we’re getting a peep behind the curtain. You’ve got to respect a brand that openly embraces the post-Olympic zeitgeist: their website’s proclamation that the brand is there ‘to please the Olympian in you’ says it all really. Much rather that level of honesty to be honest. As luck would have it, we’ve just had a massive Monarch Skateboards drop, so click below to get yourselves kitted out.

Monarch Skateboards say Hello

In completely unrelated news, other than the fact that it’s fresh skateboarding, is Nassim Lacchab’s latest Etnies clip. This dude not only has the best hair in skateboarding, he’s also supremely proactive and this 3 minute banger is allegedly just a vehicle to use up an abundance of footage whilst he works on his next ‘proper part’.
Bonkers. He’s a good lad too. Check out his Blind Skateboards pro model if you want to support one of the hardest working modern pros and the first pro skater to come from Morocco.

Monarch Skateboards say Hello

And finally, adidas have seen fit to drop an amazing 22 minute tour and demo video featuring the likes of Nora Vasconcellos, Daewon Song, Joey O’Brien and various others. I’m struggling to remember the last time that a big brand (outside of Vans) made the effort to deliver a traditional tour video. More of this please!
Instagram is no replacement for bumping into Daewon down Sainsbury’s kerb, you with me?

Martino Cattaneo rides for Madness Skateboards and is a lunatic

Monday, April 4th, 2022

Madness Skateboards own Martino Cattaneo has been on the radar every since his 5 minute intro to the world courtesy of Vans 2020 Tom’s Tales video dropped.
Emerging from effectively nowhere at that point, this Swiss ATV turned heads with the aforementioned Vans part, then followed it up with his inaugural release for Madness Skateboards, which you can see up there. The combination of his non-ironic man bun and his seeming ability to tear up transitions that are either too mythological in size for your average human, or so tight as to be unskateable, marks him out for greatness. Go watch the first minute and a half of the Madness Skateboards clip at the top of this text and ask yourself this: ‘has anyone else ever started a street line with 25 seconds in a super tight street fullpipe? (Pro tip – they haven’t).
True originals are hard to come by in 2022 so Martino Cattaneo is a breath of fresh Swiss air across the bow of the good shit Predictable if we’re being honest.
It just so happens that we’ve had a huge drop of Madness skateboards this week which, aside from giving you the chance to get your hands on some of the most diverse and beautiful skateboards currently on the market, also gives us an opportunity to gas man bun up as he deserves.
From 10 inch wide beasts, to slicks, to shaped boards with wheel wells and amazing graphics – don’t spare yourselves the madness.

Martino Cattaneo rides for Madness Skateboards

In case any of you missed it, you’ll find below the Vans EU Tom’s Tales video containing Martino’s first foray into global consciousness. It’s absolutely fucking mental.

Additionally, post Madness Skateboards hook up, Martino also appears on 2021’s Am Scramble from Thrasher which is worth watching in its entirety. Bonkers as ever.

To wind this one up, it’s probably also worth mentioning that we’ve also had a massive delivery of the perennially popular Blind Skateboards this month too which functions as a suitable reminder that Blind Skateboards‘ 1992 classic ‘Tim & Henry’s Pack of Lies’ is 30 years old this month. If you’ve never seen it, go watch it now. If you have, go watch it again.
Black Sabbath and Henry Sanchez – goosebumps!

 Martino Cattaneo rides for Madness Skateboards

Guy Mariano is on April Skateboards – who saw that coming?

Saturday, December 4th, 2021

After lots of online gossiping, Instagram has just confirmed that Guy Mariano is on April Skateboards. Following the slow, ignominious deflation of his and Koston’s board brand Numbers, (which we’ll assume has been canned despite them never saying so) it was only a matter of time. Whereas Koston seems content to follow his current ‘lol it’s an early grab’ trajectory into semi-retirement, the original wonder kid has kept up the pace. Looked at historically, despite stylistic differences, April’s owner Shane O’Neill is in a lot of ways, the modern iteration of what Guy started and thus the reality that Guy Mariano is on April Skateboards at this point in his career is just….well, right.

Guy Mariano is on April Skateboards

I’m sure that most of you don’t need a history lesson but, just in case, here’s a brief run down of Burbank’s finest.
First introduced to the outside world as one of the emergent street rippers assembled by Stacey Peralta as the ‘LA Boys’ in Powell Peralta’s 1989 video ‘Ban This’, Guy Mariano was, from the outset, something of an outlier.
Insanely young for the amount of talent he possessed (even amongst his teenage contemporaries), by the time Ban This had come out, Mariano was already charting new waters of skateboard possibility at age 12.
When the global skate public next saw Guy, he was on the original Mark Gonzales led iteration of Blind Skateboards and dropped the part that will forever enshrine him as the ultimate skate prodigy.
Guy’s opening section in Video Days (1991), set to the Jackson 5’s ‘I want you back’ is still, to this day, rightly heralded as one of the most influential video parts of all time. This influence was felt on numerous levels: a) it was ridiculously progressive, (impossible lipslides on handrails and switch fs 360s 30 years ago); b) it was ridiculously well executed, fast and stylish and c) Guy Mariano was ridiculously young when Video Days was released. Seeing 14 year olds create new skateboarding realities might not seem too crazy now but back in 1991 it was paradigm-shifting.

Following Video Days, Guy Mariano rode for Blind until eventually leaving for Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Spike Jonze and Megan Baltimore’s post Rocco exodus vehicle, namely Girl Skateboards. Whilst there was never another Blind video featuring a full Guy Mariano section, he popped up on related Rocco/World Industries releases and blew minds in the early 90’s. A brief Blind team appearance on the seminal Blind Skateboards Tim and Henry’s ‘Pack of Lies’ saw Guy drop 3 tricks, two of which had never been documented down stairs before. That brief snippet of his otherworldly talent was further underlined by the truly shocking display of how far ahead of the curve Guy was in the Friends section of Plan B’s second release ‘Virtual Reality’ (1993). It’s more than possible that there are people reading this whose parents weren’t even born in 1993, so let me assure you of one thing: nobody else on the planet was doing switch noseslide kickflip out down handrails in 1993.

With a template of post Video Days video output established, (i.e. a handful of tricks which were likely to be a decade ahead of his contemporaries) Mariano’s fame rose exponentially despite him only having two tricks in the first Girl Skateboards video ‘Goldfish’ (1994).
Mariano fans had to wait until the release of Girl’s magnum opus in 1996 to see another full section and fucking hell, did this one deliver.
If you’ve never seen Guy Mariano’s Mouse section then stop reading this now and scroll to the top of this post and watch it immediately. Hands down one of the most important video parts ever made.

And then, with that, it felt as though he was gone for the next decade. Mariano would pop up with the odd trick here and there, (always ludicrously progressive still) but his presence was noticeable by its absence from the mainstream skate media. Subsequently he publicly spoke of this period of his life as being one riven with addiction, loss and personal issues which you can find out more about in his 10 part Epicly Later’d here.

Post disappearance Guy Mariano came back with an almighty bang with the closing section on Lakai footwear‘s much feted ‘Fully Flared’ released in 2007.
Global standing ovations met this one with Mariano definitively back in the driving seat in terms of his pro skater career. Give it a re-watch below for a reminder of what a comeback is supposed to mean.

Following his Lakai piloted reemergence, Mariano has consistently dropped footage (mainly via Instagram in the last few years) for current shoe sponsor Nike SB, along with clips in releases from the now defunct Numbers skateboards project.
With a recent Thrasher cover under his belt and the news that Guy Mariano is on April Skateboards, we’re left wondering: is there a post-40 full part coming?
Let’s hope so…

Marc Mckee – The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018



The Nine Club is back for another round of quality skateboard spiel, this time with one of skateboarding’s most prolific artists, Marc McKee.


McKee’s lengthy career took off with the same trajectory as World Industries after he was pulled into Steve Rocco’s camp in the 1990s. Over the following years McKee produced some of what are now considered the most iconic skateboard graphics of all time including Natas Kaupas’ 101 ‘Satan’ and ‘Boom’ boards, the ‘Fucked Up Blind Kids’ series and the renowned World Industries ‘Wet Willy’ and ‘Flame Boy’ mascots.


Of course, McKee’s quiver of controversial artwork is discussed in the latest installment of The Nine Club alongside growing up in Marin County, studying art at UCLA, cease and desist letters and much more.


Get watching or listening to ease yourself through the back to work blues!


TJ Rogers – IOU Part

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Blind skateboards ripper TJ Rogers has just had his IOU part released online, in connection with The Ride Channel and part of the Blind Damn Sundays series that they have been posting for a while now. This section really does have a bit of everything and TJ does it with style and precision, he can skate the big stuff but also he can get really tech with some ledge wizardry, throw in a bit of Barcelona footage and amazing ender at Wallenberg four and your on to a winner!



See the full range of Blind Skateboards here >