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John Rattray – Waiting For The World ‘Video Days’

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015




It’s always important to remember in life and not just within skating what has come before the point we find ourselves at now! Thanks to Sidewalk, we were given a history lesson on how good British skateboarding was…and still is! One of the pivotal videos that shone the British scene to the rest of the world was Blueprint’s Waiting For The World. The 2000 release came at a time when the American industry were starting to peer over and see what was happening over here, with the likes of Rowley, Sumner, Shipman and Penny more than often appearing in 411 videos and magazine euro tours becoming more apparent. The British scene videos had a different raw look to their American counterparts, they seemed, cold, dark, wet and had horrible looking cracked pavement slabs at most spots – standard Great Britain! With sections from Carl Shipman, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, Channon King, Paul Carter, Scott Palmer, Mark Baines and Colin Kennedy all blew us away with how advanced the scene had become and where it was going. One of the most mind blowing parts was the last one, John Rattray’s part is still just as amazing watching it today as it was when I first saw it all those years ago! Full of John’s power and style, sick lines, big hammers and that all important ender ! So give the section a watch below, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen, and it will be the same for you, trust!