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Big Magenta skateboards drop awaits your fingers

Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Magenta skateboards has long been one of Europe’s most aesthetically conscious skate brands. Founded by French legends Vivien Feil and one time Landscape pro Soy Panday to stand in direct contravention of the crass commercialism of mainstream skate companies, it’s difficult to think of another imprint more deserving of the term ‘artistic’.
Magenta skateboards came about after Vivien Feil had spent a few years bouncing from one US flow deal to another with little hope of actually being given a platform of his own. Tired of this, Feil linked with Paris legend Soy Panday who’d just left Fos’s Landscape brand and set up on their own out of Bordeaux, France.
Emerging at the point where Cliche had evolved away from its roots as a European brand and into the Frankenstein’s monster that it became, Magenta skateboards took over the reigns and reinvigorated the idea of a grown up brand, with beautiful graphics, a focus on style rather than stats and a decidedly French approach to soft goods.

Magenta skateboards

Since their birth, Magenta skateboards have released numerous videos embracing the often overlooked cultures within global skateboarding and using their own platform to shine a light on others. Perhaps the best example of this is their 2013 release Soleil Levant. You can watch a section of that one below but please, go search out the full length, it’s beautiful.

One thing that Soleil Levant did, and Magenta as a brand has always done, is to foreground how incredible the (until recently) under appreciated Japanese skateboard scene is. Long before the mainstream had jumped on it, Magenta skateboards were hosting parts from inspirational Japanese heads like Takahiro Morita and the TightBooth Productions crew. If you don’t know what TBPR is, do yourselves a favour and watch their latest video below. It’s bonkers.

Anyhow, as usual we’ve veered wildly off-track. Magenta skateboards have a new pro. He’s called Ruben Spelta and he’s from Milan, Italy. He does fakie impossibles out of switch nosewheelies. And we have loads of sick new Mangenta skateboards in stock. Work it out. Bye!