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Stoked On Staple Pigeon

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015


When ordering product we take a huge amount of effort since there are so many brands these days to choose from. At the Black Sheep Store we are honored to stock the brands we do, Staple Pigeon is certainly one of them. It can be seen on sale at our Manchester store and over on our website.  What sometimes sways us towards brands is the history behind it and Staple has one to be proud of.


jeff staple


Jeff Staple was a student at Parsons School of Design, New York and one day he walked into Triple Five Soul Boutique in New York City (1997) and received his first order of 12 silk-screened T-shirts. From there Staple was officially open for business. Originally started as a small T-Shirt line hand-made by Jeff himself it began to gain visibility in the city. The demand for the clothing grew allowing the company to expand and can now be seen worldwide. In 2005 Jeff was hired by Nike to create a limited trainer to represent New York. From this the iconic Staple Pigeon was brought to life and was branded onto the heels of 150 limited pairs of the Popular Dunk Pro SB. The Staple Pigeon is now a world renowned symbol that first of all represented the grittiness of New York but is now influenced behind the Staple extensive apparel range distributed in the top retailers across the globe including ourselves.


Staple Varsity Holiday Jacket


Staple is also known for there infamous collaborations they’ve done over the years. They’ve combined forces with the likes of Nike, Timberland, Porter, Hex and Beats By Dre and many more. As you can see Staple is hugely respected and the brands they’ve combined with aren’t any small time thing, they are huge. Staple also has STAPLE DESIGN which has been in operation since 1997 which is situated in New York. It is a creative consulting firm and has worked with companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Lotus, Timberland, New Balance, LVMH and many others. As well as the Brand and consulting firm Staple also owns ‘REED SPACE’ which is regarded as the worlds best and most innovative boutiques holding various pop up stores and exclusive events. It also features an art gallery which has hosted some of the best artists out there.




We are a huge fan of what Jeff Staple has created so there is no surprise why we are so stoked to be able to stock Staple, next time you visit our store or even the website make sure you have a look at the collection as I’m sure you will see something you like, because not only is the story amazing but the product is also on point! We would like to thank Jeff and the crew at Staple for giving us the opportunity to be part of something great and plus being from Manchester we are pretty familiar with pigeons so the brand fits perfectly.




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