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Vans Pro Skate Park Series World Championship Highlights

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016


On Saturday Vans hosted the first-ever Vans Pro Skate Park Series World Championships in Malmö, Sweden and it went off to say the least. We held a live stream in store and many thanks to those who turned up and enjoyed the skating and some nice freebies from the good people at Vans. Things started off with the women’s finals which saw 12 year old (yes 12!!!) Brighton Zeuner crowned champion after she blew the crowd away with some superb tricks including a perfect 360 melon over the ski jump to clinch her winning score. She was joined on the podium by Jordyn Barratt who surged into second place in the final minutes despite being in last position moments before, and then placing third was Kisa Nakamura from Japan who had traveled far and wide to enter as first alternative secured her place with a steady speedy run. See the highlights below also including the other seven female contenders Allysha Le,Lizzie Armanto,Yndiara Asp,Nora Vasconcellos,Nicole Hause,Julz Lynn Kindstrand and Bryce Wettstein.



Then it was time for the men’s finals to get under way and these lads didn’t mess about at all, they were all straight into it hitting the course hard. Taking the crown and the first male winner of the overall series went to Alex Sorgente who dominated the course with some flawless runs both in the semis and in the final itself. Not far behind him was the ripper Pedro Barros who attacked the park with so much force he achieved one of his best scores throughout the whole series to earn a well deserved second place. Coming in at the bronze medal position was Italy’s own Ivan Federico who recorded a feat of three podium finishes in the series overall. Take a look at the action from the highlights below which also feature Cory Juneau,Ben Hatchell,Kevin Kowalski,Grant Taylor and Jack Fardell.




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