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Amber Alert : Bronze 56K X Zoo York

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


You probably already know what to expect when you see that a new Bronze video has hit the web. Bronze’s latest visual work of art, Amber Alert, a collaboration with Zoo York, combines the editing style that the internet has come to know and love, with footage of Bronze regulars and some of the Zoo crew putting it down. Great skating set on those dream street spots of Barcelona, it seems that the lads got a bit of a rough deal with the weather but they came through none the less. The edit features Ron Deily, Kevin Tierney, Rob Gonyon, Billy McFeely, Chachi Maserati, Adrian Vega, Brendan Carroll, Josh Wilson and Dick Rizzo.



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HUF X Bronze Reflective Pack

Monday, September 28th, 2015


Its always a good thing when two companies come together to create something. Having previously collaborated successfully together, HUF – one of the biggest names in street wear at the moment have again teamed up with New York skate crew and hardware company Bronze 56K to bring us the aptly named – HUF X Bronze Reflective pack!




Having gained recognition for their gritty skate videos filmed around the streets of New York and their 90’s tech inspired logo’s, both HUF and Bronze have brought both of their individuality into this collection. The ultimately strong co-branding provides a modern twist to a set of clothing and accessories that have a established following already, while still keeping an element of the basic level of where the brands began. Featuring a 3M black reflective theme throughout the drop, the most noticeable pieces include the Formless Visor 6 panel hat, reflective Track Pants and matching packable anorak which folds and tucks into a kangaroo zipper pocket, transforming into a hip pouch, other styles include a hoodie, reflective T-shirts and socks!










The collection is in store as we speak and will be online very shortly! Don’t miss out on this limited edition collaboration!


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