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The Bronze “56,000” Video

Friday, February 10th, 2017



The Bronze crew have done it yet again, producing a small but deadly edit for you guys to feast your eyes on this weekend. It is a combination of everything great from old footage, slow-motion, P2 card filming, Rizzo, Josh, house music and raw clips. Everything you need in life and it especially brings the motivation that is very much needed during this cold UK winter weather. So if you are struggling to find some inspiration to get out skating then these guys have got you sorted. Thoroughly enjoyed as the skateboarding is as powerful as it gets, you will not be disappointed I’m sure.




Bronze 56k East & West “plug” Video

Thursday, April 14th, 2016





I’m pretty sure that you’ve all seen the recent clip of Noel Gallagher taking about how skateboarding is for little idiots and all they do is fall off, well maybe if he took the time to watch the new Bronze56k’s ‘Plug’ video he might think differently about skateboarding. This new video is a decent 15:00 minutes long and contains different variety’s of skating making it appeal to the masses. There’s also some wacky outfit choices in there, that I’m sure will slowly be seen worldwide when the fashion kids get a hold of it. The video features some raw talent and some incredible current skaters such as Adrian Vega, Yaje Popson, Rob Gonyon, Nick Ferro, Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Billy McFeely, Chachi, Brendan Carroll, Kevin Davis, Mark Humienik, Aaron Herrington, Paul Tucci, Phil Rodriguez, Joseph Delgado and Shawn Powers. That’s a fair few rippers right there, all killing it too. Get the kettle on then sit back relax and enjoy skateboarding’s latest video, the Bronze56k’s ‘Plug’ video, thoroughly enjoyed.


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