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Capital 04

Friday, February 19th, 2016






The fourth installment from Austin Bristow’s Capital series is now online and once again it’s a bloody cracker. You won’t catch a better edit coming out of the big smoke at this current time. As always our shop rider Harry Lintell is unstoppable and is once again featured in the latest Capital 04 edit. It’s becoming a serious joke on how much footage Harry is producing, will this guy ever stop? I mean he has footage in pretty much every edit that is showcased and it’s not your average chilling skating either, he’s constantly killing it. This Capital 04 video also features some familiar UK skate faces such as Jak Pietryga, Sam Bottenberg, Jasper Woolf and Nelly Mayele. I’ve enjoyed each and every edit from these guys so far so lets hope there’s more to come in the near future. For now sit back, relax and enjoy some incredible raw street skating at its finest!