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Carve Wicked – SOX Debut Pro Part

Monday, July 3rd, 2017


Carve Wicked pro Stephen Fox (aka SOX ) has been on one recently, jet setting to skate locations across the globe with on point lensman Jack “Candyman” Thompson on hand to capture it all. SOX mooched everywhere from Marseilles to Vietnam and all within a month, losing VISA’s and encountering the…well lets just say some pretty rough bowl movement. After all that though he’s headed back home with four minutes of sick footage to celebrate his debut pro part and his board on Carve Wicked. Ave it Steven Fox!



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CARVE WICKED Skateboards – ‘Tunnel Of Love’

Friday, June 23rd, 2017


Carve Wicked Skateboards – ‘Tunnel Of Love’ 



Here we have the latest video from the CRV WKD (Carve Wicked) boys. This ‘Tunnel Of Love’ video celebrates the release of their new wood, which also celebrates the news of three new Pro’s for the company… Sox, Sam Pulley and Colin Adam. Three absolute beasts on a skateboard and you will agree after watching the video above. You can also expect to see the likes of Nicky Howells, Jake Collins, Chav Dan, Beanhead, Sam Beckett, Phil Zwijsen, Josef Scott, Julien Benoliel and Tom Bailey so sit down, grab yourself a brew and enjoy.


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White Noise Incoming.

Friday, December 6th, 2013



Some of you may have hazy memories of our mental Christmas party we threw last year but for those not in attendance or still trying to claim back them missing brain cells you’ll be stoked to hear the finely produced “White Noise” that we premiered is now making it’s way part by part via Sidewalk Magazine. All Rob Smith’s creation pieced together from the constant time he spends traveling and those shared skating experiences from various tours with Carve Wicked, Carhartt, Death Skateboards etc etc..  Look out for part 2 dropping some time soon.


This should be watched in true P.U.M.F tradition so make sure your can of Stella is firmly grasped before you click play.




Carve Wicked Promo with Rob Smith, Alex Perelson, Tim Zon and more

Monday, June 17th, 2013