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Jordan Sharkey – ‘Make It Count’ Winner

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016



Jordan Sharkey has done it and when I say done it I mean he has won the finals of the infamous Element Skateboards ‘Make It Count’ competition. His nerves have probably been stacked high in anticipation awaiting the results but now it’s time for him too relax. Well maybe not relax as this is his opportunity to showcase the endless capability he has on lock. It was a thoroughly deserved win and we would like too thank all who showed their support by voting. He has smashed it since he popped up onto the UK skateboard scene a few years back and I highly doubt he’s going to disappear anytime soon. Get used to the power he produces on his board as this result will hopefully take his skating to the next step. We are proper buzzing for you Sharkey, you’ve earned it chief. Watch his winning edit above!!!