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Happy Easter – Egg Head Skaters

Friday, March 25th, 2016


In conjunction with the Easter weekend, I thought we would keep everything Egg based. I’m sure a lot of you will already have tucked into at least one Easter Egg or maybe more so why not watch a load of skate sections. Featuring dudes with Egg heads! Please do not be offended, got to keep with the Easter theme after all haven’t I.





Who better to start with then Matt Mumford, one of skateboarding’s veterans. An absolute legend who has given so much to skateboarding. Releasing parts for generations although I’ve gone with his ‘Misled Youth’ section as it’s one of the best.





The next Egg Head to the collection is none other than the legend himself, Mike Vallely. At various stages of his career he rocked the bald head look allowing him to featured in the article.





Andy Roy is an Egg Head not to be messed with. He’s a gnarly dude, rad skater and mad Egg Head off his board.





The next Egg Head is Rodney Mullen. I have included good old Rodney not because the shape of his head but simply because he is an extremely intellectual dude. You thought Steven Hawkings was clever, think again.





Jason may not be a skater but lets appreciate that EGG HEAD!





Finally to finish off with have Marc Johnson. Probably the best skating Egg Head we will ever be graced with. Watch his 3 part section from Lakai’s ‘Fully Flared’ video as it’s bloody brilliant.


eggcellent 1



As well as all these powerful sections we are also holding some eggcellent weekend deals. First of all you need to follow our our Instagram to get involved. For now though take a look below to gather an idea of what we will be doing and what’s up for grabs….


eggcellent 2





When Stannerz Met Jerry Hsu

Friday, October 3rd, 2014


Earlier this year our team rider Nick Stannerz had the opportunity to interview the legend Jerry Hsu. Born December 17, 1981 and currently living in San Jose, California. Jerry has been involved in skateboarding for many years so it was a pleasure to get the opportunity to ask some questions. If your not familiar with Jerry then get familiar! Have a read below to find out what he replied and about his move to Chocolate and much, much more…..


Nick: Mr Jerry Hsu, steez isn’t a good enough compliment for your mad skills on a skateboard and character off the board. You have done some serious sh#t over the years, from Osiris “The Storm” To Enjoi “Bag Of Suck” which ended up you winning the Transworld best video part……must be stoked about that right?


Jerry: I’m glad to still have this job, yes.


Nick: It’s not any new news that you have left Osiris for Emerica which resulted in your epic Stay Gold Part but you have recently moved from Enjoi to Chocolate…. It must have been upsetting leaving your good friends at Enjoi like Ben Raemers and Barletta?

Jerry: Everyone on the team is my friend so yeah it wasn’t easy to go my separate way, but there are no hard feelings and I’m always glad to skate with those guys.



Nick: So now you’re part of the Chocolate family which is bloody amazing what can we expect in the future, could you give us any secrets on missions to come featuring the company and yourself?

Jerry: Everyone is helping to plan 20 years of Chocolate so that’s the main thing coming out. I don’t have any personal projects with Chocolate right now, just skating with my new team mates and going on trips this year. I’m focused on Made 2 at Emerica so Chocolate is nice enough to let me do that.


Nick: How did the idea behind the chocolate Beavis and Butthead for yourself and Marc Johnson come about?

Jerry: I really had nothing to do with it. An artist named Rob Mathieson sent in the Butthead version of me to Girl and they liked it so they asked him to do an MJ version too. I think they came out just right.



Nick: Since the move to Chocolate Skateboards has this changed the crew you cruise with and who does this involve anyway?

Jerry: Yeah I go out with Ben Colen a lot (girl/choco photographer) so I get to meet up with people on the team more like Vincent and Stevie and I go skate with MJ as much as I can. But as far as my regular crew of people, that hasn’t changed really.


Nick: You’ve visited Manchester last year for an Emerica Demo at the Pumpcage, did you manage to see much of the city and if so what did you think? You should also make plans to come back and visit, more than welcome to pop into the store for a brew (tea) or coffee!

Jerry: I enjoyed Manchester and I would love to come back for tea.


Nick: Manchester has also produced some great music in its time like Joy Division, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Broke n English and DJ Dogger but no Elvis, is it true you have been nicknamed ‘The Asian Elvis’ aha….. How did this come about?

Jerry: I think it comes from when Matt Eversole and Chris Avery made the first tilt mode video and the just put that name in front of my part. I have no idea why and it doesn’t make any sense to me.




Nick: With the photography Instagram has been a huge hit in the past years but how did the name @internetfamous come to mind?

Jerry: Most people take that name literally which I will never understand. I wanted to have a name that was slightly derogatory and glib. I felt like people seeking out and begging for internet fame was so rampant and pathetic I would name it after them. It’s basically meaningless.


Nick: Many thanks from the Black Sheep Store for answering these long winded questions aha…. it is much appreciated! To finish off with we would like your quote of the year so far? Thanks again and we wish you luck for the future and your time at Chocolate Skateboards. Respect man!

Jerry: I’m still waiting for my quote of the year. Thanks so much.



I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Jerry more and we would like to thank him and Chocolate for making this interview happen. It mustn’t have been easy making time to speak to Stannerz of all people so lots of respect and hope all goes well with your future at Chocolate and we’re very excited to see more action from Jerry in future!

Lastly massive thanks to Form Distribution for hooking this one up. 


Now get your viewing eyes on and peep some of our favorote Jerry Hsu sections below-


Emerica ‘Stay Gold’ B-Side.




Chocolate Skateboards Welcome…




Jerry Hsu & Louie Barletta – Osiris ‘Subject To Change’




Jerry Hsu – ‘Wheels Of Fortune’ 411 Video Magazine.