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More bangers from Chris Joslin – Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe

Monday, March 30th, 2020

Fresh off the press (can you say that about digital media?) comes yet more knee-battering insanity from the one and only Chris Joslin to announce the release of the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe.
With this being his second signature shoe from etnies, all the relevant stops and have been pulled out and so, rather than being greeting with some weak sauce insta clip to herald yet another pair of kicks, etnies and Teenwolf have gone in here and gone in HARD.
If you’re after some tech specs on the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe then head over to the site for a full breakdown of this Chris Joslin designed beast that we already have in stock.

As far as the clip above is concerned – it’s absolutely bonkers as you’ll no doubt expect from the man almost single-handedly pushing stair and gap skating in a new superhuman direction whilst the vast majority of everyone else still seems to be obsessed with bumping into things and passing it off as creative. With that said, when you’ve set your own personal bar as high as Joslin has, you’d kind of be excused if you fancied mellowing out a bit but not this crazy Wolverine look-a-like.
This latest clip is just as fucked as everything else he has released to date and he shows no signs of chilling out. Thank God.

Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe

As the direct spiritual successor to the ‘fuck me that first video part just blew everyone’s mind’ crown initially worn by Pat Duffy (you shouldn’t need reminding but just in case, here’s his Questionable part) – Joslin entered the arena as a force of nature and has remained on a similarly insane frequency ever since. See below for a reminder of how next level his debut Plan B ‘True’ part was, just in case you’ve forgotten.

With all that said – get yourselves over to our web store and grab a pair of the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoes – we’re one of the first UK retailers to stock them, we’re offering FREE shipping on UK orders and Next Day delivery for only £1.95. We’re still running at capacity during the Corona virus shut down so if you’re shredding your back garden, now’s the time to stock up.

Along with the Joslin 2 etnies skateboard shoe – we’ve also got a huge range of etnies product to choose from, plus pretty much anything skate related that you could need. You know what to do.

Etnies – Chris Joslin Pro Shoe Launch

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

joslin pro etnies shoe

Joslin’s Pro Etnies Shoe joslin pro etnies shoe


joslin pro etnies shoe


Chris Joslin’s Pro shoe is coming out Tuesday 7th August!


Chris worked closely with Etnies to create the perfect shoe. The sole is based on the Marana, Chris explains how this has been his favourite style shoe to skate ever since he got on Etnies. The shoe also has the Michelin engineering in the sole and even Jiri (black sheep team rider and flow for Etnies), who doesn’t hold back on his opinions, will tell you that they are strong, long lasting and comfy as hell. A nice feature is the redesign of the Etnies logo. Lastly.


We have always supported Etnies and we are hyped on this new pro shoe from Chris Joslin. We are happy to say we will be releasing them online and in store on Tuesday 7th August. You will be able to shop them here: lastly


See Chris Joslin talk about his new shoe here:

and, so, lastly, also, and, finally, lastly, lastly, so


See the man in action here:


joslin pro etnies shoe

Lastly, shout out to Etnies Skateboarding, go follow Etnies Instagram here.