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Paul Hart – In Hart We Trust

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


Only just last week Paul Hart turned pro for Cliche Skateboards. His In Hart We Trust part was premiered in L.A on Thursday night and today it has been released on the Thrasher Magazine website. I can imagine the roof coming off the premiere because the first time I watched it I was blown away, it’s bonkers! Paul takes tricks you probably would expect to see on the smaller sized rails and hubbas but takes them to obstacles which are substantially bigger. Over the intense three minutes some of Paul’s gems are halfcab heelflip down the Santa Monica triple-set, kickflip frontside noseslide the Oceanside hubba and then does fakie backside lipslide and backside noseblunt to fakie down the Hollywood High 16 ! This part is full of jaw droppers and rewind moments, lick play and see for yourself.




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Max Geronzi ‘Max Is Pro’ Part

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016


Max Geronzi recently turned pro for Cliche Skateboards. Max who is from Perpignan, France has shared a montage with Paul Hart and Adrien Coillard in Cliché’s Bon Voyage in 2013 and had a banging part in Gypsy Life last year in 2015. Things have changed since then and Max has been hard at work which has resulted in his new pro status. This, his debut pro part is filled with some solid skateboarding from flowing tech lines, skating the most crusty spots imaginable and some stair bangers it really is a well rounded versatile part. Well done Max!



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101 Reissue Skateboards

Thursday, April 7th, 2016





Something extremely exciting is just around the corner for all you skateboard enthusiasts. Maybe more so for the older generation although I’m sure it will appeal to all generations as Dwindle Distribution are re-releasing some of the old but yet powerful 101 skateboard graphics. 101 had a short life span quite a few years back and were well known for their gnarly graphics. Well saying gnarly I personally thought they were amazing, although probably not for the religious or softies out there. The original graphics were produced by artist Marc McKeen and now thanks to Dwindle you guys will be able to yet again (almost 30 years later) take home a choice between two boards that are featured on the left of the image below.





However, the boards that are featured on the right of the image were created by Sean Cliver as a tribute from Cliche Skateboards to 101 skateboards which is fantastic. As you can tell they are almost a newly updated version taken from the original designs. I am very happy that Cliche have taken up the responsibility to endure this task as both brands are shit hot and the outcome is as good as they get! They are a number of us at The Black Sheep Store who are huge fans of 101 and the graphics they produced so this is excellent news. If you ever visited our Church St store you may have seen the artwork by Marc McKeen on the shop walls. If you didn’t then there is an edition of the Gabriel Rodriguez deck that is set up as a cruiser at our current store on Dale St. You may have witnessed the gaffer, who is the pride owner of the cruiser, using it to cruise over to the sausage and mash stall at Picadilly Gardens on a Thursday/Friday. Here it is featured below, now that’s a piece of skateboarding history right there, especially as there is a wheel missing.


rodrigues cruiser


Not only can we expect to see the decks go on sale but there is also a small amount of clothing available too. You do not want to miss out on this drop as it’s going to be big and we are expecting the product to fly off the shelves. I’ve already got my eyes Natas Devil deck. Have a look at all the expected clobber below then keep your eyes peeled as NEXT WEEK sees one of the best drops skateboarding has seen for a long time.


101 sonnay



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Cliche’s Gypsy Life

Monday, March 23rd, 2015




It seems like there is going to be some real banging videos coming out this year and this one is defiantly no exception. This April, 2015, will see the release of Cliche’s new full length video ‘Gypsy Life’.  The video will feature full parts from the Cliche team and will introduce us to some of their newer riders like Max Geronzi, Paul Hart and Kyron Davis amongst others.


Not only will there be fresh new parts from the team, the video will also include the footage from the 4th Cliche Gypsy tour – The tour with no hotels, only 15 Euros to spend each day, a true skate / road trip across Europe, skate what you want , where you want and sleep where you can! Adul Skoorc (More commonly known as Chet Childress) stated – ” A skateboard trip plus way more. A sideways adventure to pillage spots, live in tents, bbq and party with the bro’s, Enter the simpler times.”


Gypsy Life will feature Lucas Puig, Sammy Winter, JB Gillet, Andrew Brophy, Joey Brezinski, Flo Mirtain, Brad McClain, Lem Villemin, Jeremie Daclin, Daniel Espinoza, Adrien Coillard, Javier Mendizabal, Pete Eldridge, Paul Hart, Kyron Davis, Max Geronzi and guest janitor / Gypsy Life artist Chet Childress. It is being filmed and edited by Boris Proust who also made Cliche’s 2013 release ‘Bon Voyage” . The music for the Gypsy Life tour will be exclusively  handled by Busy P – The French DJ, producer and record label owner who was once the manager of Daft Punk!


Cliche videos are always full of rad skating and amazing looking spots, how good were Bon Voyage and Freedom Fries?! So I’m sure that there will be more of the same from Gypsy Life. Click play on the two trailers below and get hyped because this is going to be one of the best videos you’ll probably get to see this year!







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