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We Are Blood

Monday, August 24th, 2015





This month will see the release of what is probably going to be one of the most publicized skate video / documentaries in modern times, the highly anticipated We Are Blood will be available in the next week or two!


We Are Blood is backed by Green Label Films in association with Brain Farm ( an award winning full service entertainment and production company that specialize in unforgettable film, TV, digital and commercial content ) and is directed by skate film legend that is Ty Evans ( The Reason, Yeah Right, Fully Flared , Pretty Sweet – need we say more ?! ). The film stars non other than Paul Rodriguez and other top skateboarders such as Jamie Thomas, Chase Webb, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Sean Malto and a host of others.

They travel to places across the world including the USA, Spain, China, South America and even Dubai where they get to skate on the helipad on top of the Burj Khalifa ( the tallest building in the world! ) pushing the limits to see what can be possible on a skateboard. While at the same time conveying to the audience the bond created between people through the simple act of skateboarding and how that bond brings us together as a creative scene.






” We Are Blood will redefine how the world experiences and associates with skateboarding ” says Ty Evans. ” We are excited to tell a compelling story about the raw emotions of skateboarding, and by using the best in digital cinema techniques and equipment, we’re creating something different than skateboarding films of the past.” The film was shot in ultra HD 4K using state-of-the-art camera systems and from Ty’s previous work we can expect this one to be visually amazing. Just have a look at the official trailer below and you will see what I mean !





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