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Brixton Clothing Fall 2013

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Brixton Clothing comes through with another strong line for the Fall ’13 collection. We’re ‘big fans of their work’ here at the Black Sheep and have followed the brand closely from the days they started out as more a hat company back in 2004. Since the early days they now produce some of the nicest cut and sew pieces out there right now along with constantly upping there game with subtle timeless t shirts, hoods, jackets etc…

The current skate team line up includes the legend that is Jason Jesse along with Taylor Bingaman,  Ernie Torres, Frecks, Anthony Schulz, Kevin Coakley and the most recent addition Krooked rider Brad Cromer (see his new welcome clip further down the page.) Whilst we may follow the skate side of the brand more closely there also known for supporting some amazing musicians and a solid surf team.


Scan below to see a few staff picks from the Fall ’13 collection or click Brixton Clothing to see the full range over on our site



Brixton Verso Reversable Jacket                                   Brixton Harrison Zip Hoody


Brixton Cass Shirt/Jacket                               Brixton Sultan Raglan Tshirt

Brixton Prey Tshirt                               Brixton Harris Tshirt