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Converse Cons Uphill Video

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018




Uphill is the latest video offering from Grey in association with Converse Cons filmed by James Cruishank, on location in and around Seoul, South Korea. A quick little edit featuring Juan Virues, Paul Grund, Felipe Bartolome, Jamie Platt, Remy Taveira, Felipe Bartolome and Bobby De Keyzer.


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Rough Cut: Louie Lopez’s “West End” Part

Friday, February 16th, 2018



Rough Cut: Louie Lopez’s “West End” Part





Louie Lopez seriously ain’t no joke! As the tiny framed Flip Skateboard’s prodigy to full blown mind blowing Pro. Take the time to witness his silky smooth abilities on a skateboard and take a moment after each ridiculously trick and let them sink in.


Massive fans of his work here at The Black Sheep, the guy just ‘plays’ at skating and makes it look all to simple and fun. Mr Mellow laid back reflects consistently in his huge footage output.

Who else has put out the coverage of Louie!? He’s constantly on one and as the skateboard industry rumor mill is to be believed then his full forthcoming part for Converse Cons is going to be another mind blower!


Again it’s thanks to Thrasher Magazine for putting this remix ‘Rough Cut’ edit out. With over 20 minutes of futuristic skateboarding by Flip Skateboard’s finest. Bear witness and keep them peeled as they say for announcements of his up and coming Cons part. More info from us soon….




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Converse Cons Asia Garuda Tour

Monday, July 10th, 2017


Late last year the Converse Cons Asia team embarked on their Garuda tour. The trip saw them travel through Indonesia, hitting up cities like Bandung, Makassar City and Jakarta. The team had to battle Indonesia’s sweltering heat, crazy traffic and tropical rain to discover the country, it’s spots and local ripping scene. Press play now to check out Tao Kitpullap, Lert Saeri, Jeff Gonzales, Geng Jakkarin and Absar Lebeh shredding in Asia.



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Converse Cons Tarte au Citron

Thursday, April 6th, 2017


A select few of the Converse Cons Europe team have pulled together with Grey Skate Mag to produce this treat for the eyes edit named ‘Tarte Au Citron’


Filmed and edited by lens-man James Cruickshank with Euro riders Mike Arnold, Matlok Bennett-Jones Edouard Depaz, Sylvain Tognelli and Juan Virues (unfortunately Black Sheep Family Cons rider Harry Lintell was double booked this time round, more on that soon though…) 


The Converse Cons Euro guys seriously putting out there own unique style with the lesser trodden spots and selective tricks which seem to be trend setting among-st the Global skate scene right now. Anyway enough kiss ass editorial filler just go get your finger clicking visual ‘Lemon Pie’ treat for your eyeballs below.




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Louie Lopez Spitfire Part

Friday, March 17th, 2017



Prepare yourselves for a treat in the form of Louie Lopez Spitfire Part!


To see the progression of Louie over the years as the Flip Skateboards prodigy has been nothing short of ridiculous. From the mini framed skate rat growing up in the skate world spotlight Louie has seriously proved himself as the true professional he’s become. Recently smashing home his first Pro victory at the highly regarded Tampa Pro contest along with numerous parts and trips with footwear sponsor Converse Cons and now blessing us all with this silky smooth annihilation of a part for Spitfire Wheels.


Get your click and viewing below and be prepared to hit the rewind as Louie delves in deep for Spitfire.




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Converse’s “Unusual Suspects” Video

Friday, November 18th, 2016


We all know that Converse has one of the strongest ripping teams out there. Its latest edit ”Unusual Suspects”, released via Thrasher Magazine highlights this aspect of the team. Jason Jessee, Tom Remillard, Zered Bassett, Frank Gerwer and more took the onslaught to the Northeast where they skated the crustiest concrete and gnarliest spots they could find. Click play below and see the destruction yourself.



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Daniel Pannemann For CONS Germany

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Daniel Pannemann has just released a part for Converse CONS Germany. This is a really dope part and Daniel shows us he has style for miles skating fast and fluidly. During the edit he skates some of the lesser known, more rugged and the not so welcoming spots that Berlin has to offer. This is the type of skating that’s really enjoyable to watch, and fair play, it takes the skills and the pop to skate those type of spots but the main highlight is the motivation that Daniel has had to get out of the comfort zone of the nice inner city spots and got out and into the vast roughness of the city. The edit also features guest tricks from Roland Hoogwater, Jonas Hess, Danny Sommerfeld and is finely edited by Jonathan Peters.





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Cons Movements No0001

Thursday, December 31st, 2015





Cons Movements was filmed throughout 2015. Aaron Herrington and Tom Remillard, a couple of valuable members from their infamous team, a team that seems to be improving/growing as the weeks go by. They both managed to capture plenty of footage from all their travels in the past year, gathering enough footage to produce this powerful edit. The style of skating is current, although what’s amazing in my eyes are the spots they’ve managed to skate. They’re not your average spots that you’ll see in previous edits that have dropped this year, makes it fresh and new. Grab a brew, sit back relax and enjoy this new masterpiece.



Piffsticks – Harry Lintell With Yes Fam Friends

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015





There is no faulting our very own Mr Lintell at the moment. For that past few weeks and months we’ve had numerous edits and photo appearances, a banging front cover, an amazing Volcom True To This part, his official welcome to the Black Sheep family clip, his Converse braving the cold tour edit and some sick Instagram clips on the regs! The latest clip we have to offer is from Jack Brooks and the Piffsticks crew – Harry Lintell With Yes Fam Friends Feat. Stinkin Slumrok! This latest clip is vintage Harry Lintell doing what he does best, steezy street lines with some solid bangers thrown in for good measure! So click on the play button below to see what Harry and the Yes Fam boys have to offer us!




Harry Lintell’s ‘True To This’ Volcom Part

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015


There’s no stopping our latest team rider Harry Lintell, smashing out parts like there’s no tomorrow. This guy is seriously on a mad hype. Constantly on the road living out of a bag this dude is living the life and would say he’s right up there in the UK’s most productive skaters at the minute. When he’s not on the road you can find him couch surfing in the city of Manchester, The Black Sheep’s back garden.



Harry’s hit the bulls-eye with his ‘True To This’ Volcom Part…


So our mate Harry, earlier this year he released a part to be proud of. It was a project him and Kev Parrott had been working on last year for Volcom Clothing, hitting up some iconic UK spots as well as some hidden gems. It has everything from gnarly rails to some technical lines so it will definitely appeal to almost every skater. It got my hyped anyway to go out and shred! It was advertised on almost every social media site so I’ll be surprised if you’ve not already seen it. It was also advertised on the infamous Thrasher Magazine’s homepage which is pretty good dam going if you ask me. Watch below and prepare to have your mind blown….



Pretty good right, the switch flip at Southbank also made it onto the front cover of Sidewalk Magazine as it should have done because it’s absolutely nuts. Surely he can’t keep this standard up, can we expect more this year from Mr Lintell? We definitely can as he’s already featured on a Converse trip ‘Braving The Cold’ and is currently on another filming mission with the lads somewhere in Europe. Can’t wait to see more of this raw ripper, keep up the good bloody work pal!