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Corey Duffel – Homeboy Part

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018


When Foundation Skateboard’s premiered their new video ‘Souvenir’ a few weeks ago I thought to myself sick a new Cory Duffel section! Only to be left wondering where his footage was. The last part we’d seen from the Duffman was in his so called come back part ‘Never Alone back in January, after suffering numerous bad injuries not only in the past but even in recent times. The reason for his absence from ‘Souvenir’ was this eight minute solo project titled his ‘Homeboy’ part. No matter how young he was or how old he’s getting Duffman always sacrifices his body on every session, pouring his heart and soul into the joy of riding his shred sled.



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Foundation’s ‘Oddity’ Video

Monday, February 20th, 2017


Foundation Skateboards have recently been having their latest video ‘Oddity’ playing section by section via the people at Thrasher Magazine. Now again from the Thrasher site, ‘Oddity’ is now playing in its full entirety. We’ve not seen much from the Foundation lot over recent times but that doesn’t mean that they’d gone anywhere, with such great videos like That’s Life, Art Bars Subtitles and Seagulls, Madness and Mayhem just to name a few it was only a matter of time before the new blood of Foundation came through with the goods. Click play below to see Corey Duffel, Cole Wilson, Corey Glick, Dakota Servold, Nick Merlino, Aidan Campbell, Joey Ragali and Dylan Witkin show you just what riding for Foundation is all about.



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