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Dane Vaughn’s ‘LA Graw’ Part

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016


Thrasher have released a brand new part from DKG representative Dane Vaughn. He has had no problem with producing a stack of footage which has appeared online over the past few weeks. Back in May he had a Shake Junt Ride Or Die edit, that was followed up with Mighty Healthy releasing his introduction video – which he filmed on a recent trip to New York. Dane takes it back to the streets, schoolyards and everything in between of Los Angeles in his new ‘LA Graw’ part, a part that’s full of really good skating with a chilling cruising kind of vibe. Click play now to see Dane’s latest section.



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Residency In NYC Video

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Following on from their Dispatched series of skating in London and Paris, Supra are again back with an even newer edit, this time it’s their Residency in NYC video which backs up the article that they just had in Thrasher Magazie. With a crew consisting of people such as Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Lizard King, Dane Vaughn, Oscar Candon, Boo Johnson, Lucien Clarke and Pat Rumney to name a few, you can expect the next ten or so minutes to be quite heavy hitting! A solid crew, on point videography, killer skating and some of the best spots the big apple has to offer makes for a really enjoyable edit! Click play below and see for yourself!



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