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Yardsale – LA Confidential

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017


The Yardsale crew head to Los Angeles for their latest edit LA Confidential, filmed by Dan Kreteim. Hit play to watch Kyle Wilson, Julian Kimura, Curtis Pearl, Sam Sitayeb and Darius Trabalza all smash it in the states.



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Sunday, November 15th, 2015




There are plenty of new brands/skate companies popping up all over the show but only a small handful manage to survive. This new London based company Yardsale is a brand worth keeping an eye out for. It is definitely one of those companies that I can see having a great future in this tough industry. From the start they have been unique and we at The Black Sheep Store recognized the potential and hopefully it will go on to grow since we’re huge fans. Since that we thought we would support them, meaning you can now grab yourself the latest Yardsale decks right here. Each board will cost you £44.95 and all decks we sell do come with free grip. Take a look below for the newest series…



yardsale decks


The edit featured above was the first promo video ‘LDN-LAX’ they released a while back and it features some short but rad sections from team riders Curtis Pearl, Darius Trabalza, Jhian Namei, Adriand Adrid and David Bowens. The style of skating is current and I’m sure it will appeal to a lot of you shredders out there.  It’s 100% worth a watch. There has also been some more recent edits too so head over to the Sidewalk Magazine website to have a view.




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