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Joe Hinson Rugged Kingdom Darkstar Skateboards

Monday, March 9th, 2020


Joe Hinson Rugged Kingdom Darkstar Skateboards







Whilst Joe’s currently holed up nursing an injury this part for Darkstar Skateboards came from no where!

If you know UK skateboarding and the spots/weather we have to deal with you’ll appreciate this part even more. Joe Hinson ain’t afraid to go full tilt on the ruggedest terrain. Half the “spots” in this “Rugged Kingdom” part are made up of pieces of ply run up’s and dirt landings. Imagine hitting a huge rail knowing what you had to ride out of if you make the bottom of it!


Seriously for those unaware parts like this don’t come by so often with such heavy hitting skating on UK home turf. These rails, gaps and conditions don’t lend themselves to hammer parts so believe how shocking this Rugged Kingdom part really is.


Hat’s off to Darkstar Skateboards representing a UK rider and backing him hard with his now third full part. No doubt Joe’s mind is already planning out the next one after these few months injury hiatus.


Good work Joe and prop’s to Darkstar and Dwindle Dist for the support. Now get your viewing on below-






Joe Hinson – Rugged Kingdom – Filmed and edited by David Hayes. 



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Joe currently rides for Darkstar Skateboards, Lakai Shoes, Tensor Trucks, Pig Wheels, FP Insoles, Lousy Livin Underwear.