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Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason hit Germany for Dickies

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Strong Black Sheep family representation here with Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason joining forces with Cornish heads Rhys Bickmore and master lens man Matt Hunt.
Flucht aus England, (AKA ‘Escape from England) sees Captain Caveman, Simply Shred and crew hit up up the German city of Köln on a four day camping/skate mission.
This one was filmed after Covid restrictions had been briefly lifted in August of this year with the lads chomping at the bit to go anywhere with a modicum of liberty.
A quick ferry journey and camping chair chill and bosch (forgive the German pun) our intrepid group of goons were happily chewing on German architecture.
With Dickies (along with Mount Hawke and Blacksheep) funding this one, Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason led the charge around Köln hitting up various spots, including the frankly amazing looking KAP 686 skate plaza (hit that link for more on that place).

Eddie Belvedere and Sam Mason

Eddie and co skate all manner of street spots, bringing with them that peculiarly British notion of ‘if it’s a bank, it’s a skate spot, even if it’s horrible’.
Some places you’ll recognise as they’ve appeared on some heavy videos in the past, whereas others are new to us and probably to you too. Based on this though, Köln looks like a decent choice for a skate trip, well as soon as we’re allowed the leave the house again anyway.

For those you who aren’t already aware, Matt Hunt (the guy behind the camera on this one) has been making UK skate videos for a long while so, if this floats your boat, go peep some more of his stuff.

Click here for a brace of archive Cornish footage (including a Fallen tour visit to Truro) and below for a 2019 Cornwall-based piece for Flavour skatestore in Newquay.

Embrace the crust!

The VHS show chat 21 years of Death Skateboards

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

The VHS show chat 21 years of Death Skateboards Nick Zorlac Dan Cates Mark Nicolson


The House skatepark’s very own UK skate history show is back and this time the VHS show chat 21 years of Death Skateboards with head honcho Nick Zorlac, long-time rider Dan Cates and video maestro Mark Nicolson.
As always with these VHS Shows, you get a very informal chat led by Man Mountain Marco himself Nathan Black that goes off on various tangents, starting with the early days of Zorlac setting up a distribution company simply because Consolidated skateboards were unavailable at the that time in the UK.

With Death being the longest running UK skate brand in history with 21 years under their belts there’s obviously a hell of a lot to talk about here, and the conversation covers everything from the infamous House of Doom in Harrow, to the various sketchy constructions built in their backyard, through to the vagaries of running of a UK skate brand that started out as a joke but ending up becoming a mainstay of the scene representing everyone from local rippers to global skateboard superstars.



Zorlac’s description of wanting to start a brand that was basically ‘The Spinal Tap of skateboarding’, only for it to go on to outlive all of the brands that started around the same period, is definitely inspirational and proof that if your love for skateboarding is strong enough that you can achieve pretty much anything.


If you feel like supporting the good guys at Death after listening to this one, then it’d make sense to go check out the huge selection of Death skateboards product that we’re currently holding and maybe picking up a pro board from Black Sheep family members and Death skateboard riders Rob Smith and Eddie Belvedere.

If you’re keen to follow Dan Cates into the skimboard rabbit hole though, I’m not sure that there’s much we can help you with there – other than pointing you towards the nearest wetsuit shop.



The VHS show chat 21 years of Death Skateboards Nick Zorlac


If you enjoyed listening to the VHS show chat 21 years of Death Skateboards, and honestly, it’s hard to think of a reason why you wouldn’t have, given the trio of venerable idiots involved in this 2 hour conversation about UK skate history, then we’d also strongly recommend taking a look at the previous three episodes.

Just to make life easier for you, if you scroll down, you can watch the three previous episodes in order featuring Ben Grove, James Bush and Callun Loomes of Get Lesta and Team GB member, Lovenskate and Converse Cons rider – the supernaturally talented Alex Hallford.


Sidewalk Sessions – Junction 4 with Eddie Belvedere

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018


Sidewalk Sessions – Junction 4 with Eddie Belvedere




The good folks at Sidewalk Magazine have launched a new video series, ‘Sessions’, documenting some of finest skateparks and spots our country has to offer beginning with Junction 4 Skatepark in Darwen, Blackburn and featuring our man and long time shop rider, Eddie Belvedere.


We were stoked to be involved with the debut of this new web-series and, considering a Thursday evening Skate Night at Junction 4 has seen us through a difficult winter, it didn’t take much motivation to rally up a heavy crew of shop riders and locals.


After driving through the rain and snow it didn’t take long for the Black Sheep Family to off with Eddie traversing his nimble feet over everything Junction 4 has to offer, Grandad Stu Reynolds coping dancing the steepest flat bank available, Aussie import Ricky Davidson charging in his usual understated powerhouse manner, recent flow boy for the three stripes Lucien Costello laying down all manner of complex flatbar combos and Reiss Johnson ending the evening by blasting the pool’s oververt.


Get watching and give thanks to your local indoor park if you’re fortunate enough to have one! Big thanks to Ben Powell, Ryan Gray and the guys at Junction 4 for hooking up an evening well spent!


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Death Skateboards welcomes Eddie Belvedere

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Death Skateboards welcomes Eddie Belvedere!



Our ever productive gob-on-wheels and pint sized ATV, Eddie Belvedere, has kicked off the new year by joining the ranks of one of the oldest UK teams and we couldn’t be more stoked.


Eddie has been on one since moving back to Manchester last year and whatever the weather and temperature it is rare you wont find him out searching for new spots and having a shralp!


Peep his inaugural clip above filmed by Isaac Wilkinson, Mark Kendrick, Adam Salais and Ryan Hayes and expect more from the man himself in Death’s next full length video, ‘Into The Void’, which is set for release in Spring 2018!


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Richie Jackson – Death Skateboards Part

Monday, March 21st, 2016


A couple of days ago, Richie Jackson’s newest part for Death Skateboards dropped on the Thrasher website and the internet message boards went wild! Some people hate him, some people love him, some see this part as not even proper skateboarding but I beg to differ! Everybody seems to have a view or an opinion on him and his skateboarding credentials. With the amount of edits and video parts dropping almost everyday this part offers something different, something refreshing, something that is certainly not the norm! I for one, am a fan, and well into the way he approaches skateboarding, the outfits and the amazing tash! Click play below now and witness the crazy maneuvers of Mr Richie Jackson, there’s also the follow up interview on the Thrasher website that’s well worth a read! Enjoy !



See more of what Richie is up to by giving him a follow on Instagram !




Not So Serious Skateboarding

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


All hail Mr Simon Woodstock! King of not so serious skateboarding!

Words cant describe how rad this guy is, an innovator of skateboarding in his prime doing stuff nobody had seen or done since. No technical flip in flip out shit, no unbelievable fifty five stair handrail and no serious mega bucks sponsorship deals.  Skateboarding has seemed to become such a serious deal these days, now don’t get me wrong, for some people it’s their job and bills wont pay themselves! I mean, if the opportunity came to get paid a wage for skating you’d probably be silly not to think about it! But at the end of it all its all about having fun. That’s the main reason you start skating in the first place. You pick up a board or have a go on your mates or that kids who lives on your street and boom! The fun bug takes over!  Simon Woodstock puts the fun and enjoyment into skateboarding. Take twenty or so minutes out of your Sunday to watch this two part documentary about Simon’s journey through the highs and lows  of his skateboarding life.  If you can spare the time good on ya ! if not ….your probably far too serious!
Also check his guest boards  via Death Skateboards