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Jim Greco ‘Year 13’

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017


Jim Greco follows up from last years ‘The Way Out’ with a new skate film called Year 13 and once again has created something that stands out. Jim is one of skateboarding’s most captivating characters. The early noughties saw his rock and roll excess lifestyle reach levels that would see off the average human. His ability to get himself in the most hazardous of situations, on and off his board, are legendary. Now, with thirteen years of sobriety under his belt, numerous style changes, successful companies like Deathwish, Hammers USA, Supra and Baker Boys distribution, Greco is counting down to turning forty but still prevails to be considered one of skateboarding’s greats and is still dropping the hammers like the years gone by. Featuring appearances from Jeremy Klein, Danny Sargent, Jason Lee and Chris Pastras, all captured by the legendary lens of Tobin Yelland and Joey Sinko is what skateboard legend is made of. Though the booze, drugs and Johnny Thunders outfits may have disappeared the craving and aspiration to skate still remains.



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Jamie Foy’s “Welcome to Deathwish” Part

Saturday, January 14th, 2017


Jamie Foy had one heavy year in 2016.  He was another one of those skaters who released part after part. He also found himself landing a spot on the Diamond Footwear team, won the Am Getting Paid contest and to cap the year off got the official Am nod off Deathwish Skateboards. Now, two weeks after that, Deathwish have dropped his welcome part which is basically three minutes of handrail destruction. If he isn’t one of your fave skaters yet you might want to make room on your list. Jamie is an absolute beast, no handrail or spot for that matter is safe when he rolls into town. His skating is raw and to the point, so lets give a big round of applause for the newest member of the Deathwish family.



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Jim Greco – “The Way Out” Film

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016


Jim Greco is a legendary skater, there’s no denying that. In his earlier days, rolling around with the “Piss Drunk” crew, who had amazing skills on skateboards, that lawless punk rock attitude but who’s fates have almost all been damaged in one way or another. Along with Ali Boulala, Andrew Reynolds, Dustin Dollin, Erik Ellington (with whom he started Deathwish with) and a host of others, they set the scene and direction for skateboarding at that time. Baker 2G was one of my very first skate videos I saw and was completely blown away by it, especially Greco’s section and I’ve been a massive fan of his ever since. Thankfully he pulled himself through the crazy periods of his life and has now treated us to a new video called “The Way Out”. Shot by Greco himself, it follows two years of his life, the 11th and 12th years of being clean and sober. The 30 minute feature that also includes footage of Jeremy Klein, is produced by Hammers USA and is shot in 35mm colour and is the most personal and introspective skate film to date. Greco has always raised the bar in every part he’s put out there and the skating in “The Way Out” is no different, in no way at all has he slowed down or shown signs like he is ready to stop and this film proves that. Lets hope this is not the last part we see of “Grecs”, I don’t think it will be! Greco became sober and devoted his life to skateboarding, well done Jim and thanks for the inspiring skateboarding that you continue to give us!



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