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Black Sheep Boards

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

The Black Sheep has been going strong for some years now so it was about time we made some shop decks for you lurkers to shred. Priced at £29.95 they’re a real bargain and can be purchased in our city center store on Church St and online. Boards come with free grip so no need to worry about any hidden costs! Sizes start from 8″ up to a big whopper dogger 8.5″ with an average 8.25′ in between. Keep your eyes peeled because you may see some of our team riders taking one for a spin.

The feedback on the decks have been great, everyone who’s skated one has commented on how good the shape is. Also the coloured ply underneath the Target logo has been a huge hit… I mean why not add a bit of colour to spice up your life. With the Target logo, it’s obvious if your into hip hop that it was an idea taken from Public Enemy’s Target. If your not familiar with hip hops greatest then have a listen below and get to know…  



Why not simply purchase one of our limited decks, get some Public Enemy on your mp3 player and go and tear the streets apart. Just a warning, they’re selling out really fast so don’t miss out on the hype!!!!!!!

Surprise Skateboards

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014


So everyone’s riding all sorts of skateboard shapes right now and it’s pretty much a hot topic in our small skate world. It’s certainly no new thing as most of the new decks are harping back to a by gone era of skateboarding but there still fully functional and not just your regular shop board. Probably the best discussion came via the Jenkem Magazine article recently and it’s rad to see that we’re in a time of skateboarding where pretty much anything goes shape wise.


With the above statement in mind we’re stoked to introduce you to Surprise Skateboards straight out the good old US of A. These guys are keeping  it truly old school with there methods, including using the original and what some may say the finest silk screening method for board graphics. Also all there decks come straight out of Prime Woodshop which is kept in high regard in terms of sheer quality in there production and also 100% American made.


Look out for our first drop from Surprise with graphics by artist such as Matt Furie, Phil Guy, Kristena Collantes, Kavin Cook and Michael Hisung. 


Plus what’s not to love from a company with the following ethos-


“Skateboarding / Collared Shirts / American Made Decks / Sandwiches / Don Rickles / Hand Screened Graphics / Bourbon / Skateparks at 8am / Smoke Bombs / Yard Sales / Breakfast Spots / Throwing Stars / More Coffee / Mysterious Stuff / S.S. Adams / Comic Books / Neil Blender / Hogan’s Heroes / Pinball / Bonzo / Trouble…”




Check the welcome clip below for there first official rider Vince Duran and keep a look out for our official delivery date via our Instagram or Facebook.




Etnies skateboard competition.

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013



The good folk over at Etnies shoes had these limited skateboard decks made to coincide with the release of the Fall ’13 Nick Garcia RCT pro shoes and now is your chance to own all three wall hangers. Known for traveling the world with skateboard and camera in hand(s) his latest skate shoe featured some amazing detailed snippets from his trusty Canon AE-1 35mm camera hence the idea for these 3 inspiring landscape style display decks.



So you fancy having these hanging above your fireplace?

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-Step three, wait till we announce the winner by email on Monday the 18th November.




*UK entries only competition